Juliana’s Animal Sanctuary was the first farmed animal sanctuary established in all of South America in 2009 and is the only one existing in Colombia where we currently care for 96 rescued animals. 

In addition to our extensive animal rescue work, we place a high priority on vegan advocacy through direct contact, cooking classes, and a strong online and media presence.

The reality in South America is no different from most countries — the abuse of all kinds of animals is enormous. However, in this part of the American continent, there are many social problems, so animal issues are not the government’s priority and what few animal protection laws exist are rarely enforced. In 2016, bullfighting was again legalized.

Our Mission

To teach through example and precept that all animals deserve respect and protection and to teach Equality for all Beings


Aims and Objectives

  • To rescue and protect all animals in need to the best of our ability and capacity
  • To educate the public about the benefits of a more compassionate life
  • To show that all species of animals deserve love and respect
  • To teach equality of all beings by example and precept through education programs and workshops on vegan nutrition
  • To help children and adults reconnect with animals as a form of healing
  • To advocate for the Meat-Free Monday campaign
  • To advocate for Mercy for Animals
  • To advocate for Food for Life Global
  • To advocate for A Well-Fed World
  • To advocate for street animal sterilization and to work with and pay local veterinarians to expand the sterilization of street animals to reduce the population.

Our Project

Our animal sanctuary located in the Andes Mountains of Colombia was voted VEGAN OF THE YEAR 2014 by Vegans Are Cool. We are a few volunteers who have dedicated ourselves to caring and advocating for rescued animals.

We do this practically by showing how beautiful they are and how similar they are to us. We believe that humanity at large has lost connection with animals and now only see them as objects, but once people get connected with animals again, especially farm animals, by hugging them and spending time with them in a natural and peaceful environment, they come away happier and a fresh new perspective on life. Animals are just like us — they want to love, be free, and feel respected.

Reconnection Project

We realize that saving animals and having an animal sanctuary is only part of the solution…

We believe that EDUCATION, STERILIZATION, and RECONNECTION are the keys! 

Let’s be honest…when was the last time you hugged a bull? Or the last time you saw a cow playing and jumping next to you? Or the last time you hugged a horse? For most people, it has never happened. The majority of us have lost a connection with animals, and, therefore, people don’t feel what animals feel, nor hear what they are trying to communicate with us. Most of us believe animals are much different from us, but the reality is far different. Animals have the same basic needs as humans and they feel, think, socialize, just likes humans do.

At Juliana’s Animal Sanctuary, we want people to have a real interaction with animals, that they would only normally see on the dinner table. When humans reconnect with animals they feel a natural affinity and begin to see animals as equals worthy of love and respect.

We plan to invite schoolchildren of all ages to spend a day at our farm and enjoy a delicious vegan lunch and provide them the information they can share with their parents. After they enjoy their plant-based lunch and play with a cow or a bull, they will “join the dots” and see how farm animals are no different from their pet dog at home, who want love and respect.

We are a Registered Charity

Juliana’s Animal Sanctuary is a registered non-profit in the state of Maryland. EIN: 47-3548963
We are also an officially registered non-profit charity in Colombia. #: S0047842

Balarama the Bullock

is a bullock. All male calves born to dairy cows are destined to die within months to become human food known as “veal.” Fortunately, this was not the case for Balarama, he was rescued at birth and has been protected ever since, and has never been abused. Unlike Gita, Balaram is a gentle giant, his shoulder height is over 6 feet and yet he is the most soft-hearted boy. Here you can see he can be like a big kitten at times.


Gita the Cow


Gita is a lovely Norman-bred brown and white cow who was rescued from being sold to the slaughterhouse by a friend of ours (who died a year later) and then left in our hands to continue being protected. Sadly, because of her strong fighting spirit, the dairy farmers would often torture her with electric prods even though she was just a young girl (1-year-old). As a result, Gita is still traumatized by that early experience and is afraid of most humans.

In most countries around the world, when a cow has a calf, the dairy farmers will torture them into submission and then take away their newborn because their profits depend on the milk nature meant for the calf. In some cases, the calves’ tongues are cut in two so they cannot drink their mother’s milk! It is extremely cruel and unfair to a mother and her child who share such an intensely maternal connection if left alone. Mothers mourn for days, screaming as their babies are taken away.

Syama the Horse


Syama is a 6-year-old silver mare. Colombians eat horse meat and because Syama wasn’t a purebred horse she was bound to be turned into a burger. I came across her one day on the streets of a small village town called Guasca in the Andes Mountains. Her owner was planning to kill her to make some money. I offered the farmer $100 for the horse and he agreed. Today, Syama is a free and happy horse on our farm. She loves to run free and is an angel to manage.