Juliana’s Animal Sanctuary is literally the only hope for farmed animals in
Colombia and the only project to provide help by rescuing them from
suffering or providing emergency medical care.

We are the first sanctuary established in South America
and are currently the only one in Colombia. We have also established strong
educational programs, including vegan cooking workshops, vegan comics, vegan
food relief, and strong social media activism.

Juliana’s Animal Sanctuary was founded in 2008 in Colombia. However, the
project has its roots in Juliana’s initial desire to save all the world’s animals when
she learned about the suffering of animals as a 5-year old girl. At age 11 she
began saving money to build her project and by age 26 she purchased her first
property. However, in pursuing her dream, Juliana faced numerous challenges,
including a public that did not even understand the meaning of a sanctuary, legal
battles for her land, lack of funds and overwhelming demand of animals in
need. In 2015, the project was registered as a 501c3 charity in Maryland, USA
and with this brought a new source of funds and support from overseas.
Today, the project cares for 93 animals on a new 10,000 sqm property in Colombia.


We have an annual budget of $150,000 to cover the expenses for providing first-
class food, shelter and medical care for the animals under our care, as well as
animals in need outside of the sanctuary, and our amazing strong educational programs.

Donations made to Juliana’s Animal Sanctuary enable us to provide the absolute
 best life for the animals under our care, as well as empower our vegan advocacy
projects for the Colombian population and most importantly, to address the root
cause of animal abuse – inequality.