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The Street dogs of Bogota

In Bogota, the capital of Colombia, there are an estimated 350,000 street dogs and cats at any one time. To manage this overpopulation of street anima...

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We won VEGAN OF THE YEAR award

Juliana Castaneda Turner, founder of the Paramatma Animal Sanctuary based in Colombia, South America has won the 2014 Vegan of the year award for cate...

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What will you do today?

Most recently, there has been a campaign spreading through social media for people to fast today in memory of the tens of billions of animals killed e...

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Save Balaram and Gita

As I explained in the story update on our campaign page, cows are not considered “pets” in South America, but “property”, mean...

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Bhisma, the happy old dog

This is Bhisma doing a funny face for the photo. Bhisma is 18 years old, and is our oldest dog in the sanctuary. Bhisma’s original owner had hi...