Aureliano was rescued just seconds before to go inside the slaughterhouse. He is alive, is safe, is happy, but like is a broiler he needs special help and support, you can be part of his life by sponsoring him Sponsor … Continued

How to Become an Animal Activist

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Over 200 million land animals are slaughtered for human consumption every day. As compassionate and empathetic human beings, it is our responsibility to stand up for these voiceless creatures. In this article, we’ll explore what an animal rights activist is … Continued

Pig Slaughterhouses: Are They Humane?

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There’s a side to pigs that some people don’t see because they picture these animals in a completely different way. When pigs are in their natural habitat, they’re some of the most fun, playful, and interactive animals you’ll ever meet. … Continued

How to Sponsor an Animal in Need

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Ever wonder what happens to stray dogs, cats, and other unwanted animals that are rescued from streets and factory farms? These animals end up in shelters and sanctuaries like ours, where people take care of them until a forever home … Continued