Dog was found abandoned tied to a post and then a car run over him and broke his legs

The day we take him to the vet


It is not easy for me to write these stories, sadly this is very common in our country there are many more dogs in this same situation who have not received help.

This beautiful dog was found in a town 4 hours from the sanctuary, someone tied him to a post and then another person ran over him with a car causing two fractures in his front legs, one of the fractures completely destroyed the arm and we can not save that arm, the other fracture can be repaired.

This dog is approximately one year old, it is in the hands of the best orthopedic veterinarian in the country and under the care of the veterinarian of the sanctuary.

He will have to undergo surgery soon to be able to save the other fractured leg, after a few days he will be able to come to the sanctuary where he will receive the necessary care until his full recovery and then he will share a large area with other dogs at the sanctuary.

the leg that will be amputated


But in order to give him the life he deserves, we need your help. The most important thing is the monthly maintenance, a couple of months with medicine while recovering and feeding until you find a home that you can love forever.

His monthly expenses on food are approximately $ 80 per month, and your medical expenses for a couple of months $ 20 per month.
If you want to help with some cost of the surgery this would also be welcome.

the rope with which he was tied to the post and you can see the other broken leg


He only has one year, a whole life to live, a life that evil humans tried to scratch, but a life that all of us are going to rebuild! together we can do it
In the sanctuary we have 93 animals under our care, many of them are animals in advanced ages and we have large expenses, that is why we ask for help with this case.

You can sponsor from $ 10 per month up to $ 50 or you can make a general donation.
We count on you!





We Still need all your help! This is just the first part!


Sponsor dog with fractured legs


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