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Help us continue the important work of rescuing and protecting animals while educating the public about the advantages of vegan life. Sponsor an animal, become a member, or make a general donation. Your support makes it possible to provide our rescued animals a great life.

How Your Donations Help

As an animal organization that cares for and rescues hundreds of animals in need of immediate medical attention, your donations are incredibly valuable. In order to give the animals a proper quality of life that many have never experienced, your donations go to the upkeep of land and shelter as well as to food and care for the animals. As little as $5 can feed a horse for three days and $50 can buy bedding for all of the animals for a month. Here at Juliana’s Animal Sanctuary, we, and the animals, truly appreciate your support.

Feeney Gopal has huge horns to pretend he is the boss…. the truth is that his brother Bernie Sundara is the boss even when his horns look weak 🤣 and Gopal is a total sweetheart 💞
I love to sit next to them at this time of the day when they “process” the grass they eat, their breath is just delicious! It's fresh as heaven! Animals are so amazing, even in those little details 🤗

No olviden apoyar este delicioso evento que apoya a los animales que rescatamos. Marzo 7, $15.000.
Muchas gracias 💚🍔🌱 @accionyliberacion

She is trusting. Everything was so hard for her before came to us, after more than 6 months just now she is fully recovery, she knows about love a and care, she feels safe, she is free.
She is very kind and doesn’t like to play rude, so when Chandra go crazy she run away 🤣
Oh friends! I have like 12 new rescued to share with you but I am so busy to even post, this pandemic is CRAZY.
Please check our link in the bio if you feel to become a Patreon and donate from $1 at month 💚 thank you

Happy #Caturday from Krishna. He brings the best luck to everyone!
#blackcats #cats #catslovers

Vani Fiore spends part of her day looking at her in the mirror and making facial expressions, apparently her face seems very funny to her. Julita seems very boring and she went to talk to Syama 🤣

Breakfast delivery to the room for Ms Black Philip 👩🏽‍🍳
Before the sanctuary she was tied to a post without a shelter to protect her from the cold, rain or sun, she was with very poor food so she had malnutrition and was anemic. Today she is doing great with us, amazing food, cute and safe shelter and tons of fun.
Don’t forget that you can support our work becoming a Patreon donating from $1 at month, you can’t imagine the power of $1, check the link in our bio to Patreon and thank you 💞

Happy tails to you! Gaby is on her way to steal Syama's breakfast. 🐷Our girl has a portion control problem. 😂
#pigs #animalsanctuary #farmlife

Re posting this video because Balarama is a beautiful creature 💞
There is so much love and kindness in his heart, even when the evil dairy industry separate him from his mother , he cried for few days , he was so lost, so sad, that day I became his mom and these 15 years next to him has been precious. Balaram has teach to si many people everything about justice for animals and many became vegan because of him. THANK YOU BALA 💚

Bernie Sundara is looking at us like that because he is a bit upset with us. Few days ago was deworming day and he said “Not me” because like me Bernie Sundara freak out with needles and syringes. So we have to force him to do the right thing and he was very upset, next day he was sad, so sad that his brother Feeney Gopal is now the boss of the area! He is feeling way better now, playful again and fun. To deal with animals is like deal with toddlers, each one have personality and they are rebellious. We love that! 💞
• 📸 By Alejandro Jimenez ( who is planning to do some visual projects here)

Happy #Caturday from Natasha! We hope you enjoy the small pleasures of life like she does. Food, shelter, water, and stalking! 😹
#cats #catslovers #animalsanctuary

Our Patreons already know, please welcome Chewie to his freedom.

The amount of rescues we had for 2020 was incredible, I have not yet had the opportunity to tell everything , but 2021 has already begun with three new rescues; one of them is this innocent who was rescued from a situation of terrible abuse.

The way humans abuse of them cause a lot of psychological damage and we are working on this, he is just a kid.
Later on stories I want to share with you more about him.
Please help us to support our work by becoming a patron, please check the link in our bio. Thank you 💞

Happy #NationalHuggingDay! Give the ones you love a great big hug today. We hug our babies everyday.
#ThrowbackThursday #animalslovers #animalslover

Happy #TongueOutTuesday! Mushaka is smiling because he gets to spend the rest of his life happy and safe on our sanctuary. Please consider sponsoring one of our special animals so we can continue to save more deserving beings. Click the link in bio.
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John has been one of the longest-recovery animals since we rescued him from the "fake sanctuary." He has many wounds on his skin and almost all of his wings are missing, his feet are full of holes and fungus on his face and extreme malnutrition. It has been a very long process with him and even after more than 6 months he is still trying to recover. John has a very sweet personality, we had to separate him from his partner Ringo because Ringo is the dominant one and was hurting him. We love him and love his strength and how he loves life.

Sky right now, and Balaram always.
Honestly, he is the most handsome boy in the world. I remember the first time he was in my arms, that heart on his forehead means so much for me, and those kind eyes are like hope for this world. These animals are here, not only because they are the lucky ones, they are here to give a very important message to the world, a message of respect to everyone, no matter the species. People normally see me like the Juliana who rescue animals, but I am only the Juliana who translate to you the message these animals have, and what they want, a message so simple as freedom and respect 💚

Look at that face! That smile!

If that's not happiness then I don't know what it is
Oh Juanito! Big body, big heart!

Happy #Caturday! Penelope sends her love to you this weekend.
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What We Do For Humans

Our animal charity serves more than the animal community. We offer a variety of educational programs that support vegan advocacy and activism within the community. Animal welfare is our top priority both inside and outside our animal shelter. That’s why we also provide vegan cooking workshops, a monthly vegan comic that is distributed to the community, vegan food distribution to promote Meatless Mondays, and more!