Eight newborn puppies abandoned in a car workshop


Yesterday while I was going to pick up my son, Bhimal, at Gymboree, I found a group of 8 puppies in a car workshop and his mother tied to a pole with a metal chain.

They were in a very dangerous area where cars pass at high speeds. In these days the temperatures of morning and night are extremely cold and if we don’t bring those dogs to the sanctuary, they will not survive.
They only have a month and a half old, they need all the care and proper nutrition. But I can not do this alone, I need the support of all our friends.


The plan is this:
Bring the puppies and the mother to the sanctuary, give all the veterinary visits required, in 3 months start vaccination and sterilization plan.
Once they are ready and healthy (in about 3 months) we will start sending them to the United States to go to their final home with the help of Cartagena Paws.
The overpopulation of stray animals in Colombia is huge, there are no longer enough homes for dogs, and the rates of animal abuse are so scary that we are afraid to give animals for adoption here is not easy.

We need to buy a bed for them, appropriate food for the mother, hire a special veterinarian for them, do all the necessary tests to rule out virals, and legal permits to take them to the United States.
First, we would need to cover the main expenses that add $ 1000 dollars
then we need to keep them for 6 months for this we need a sponsor of this group of puppies


General donation to cover first expenses:


Sponsor To support Puppies for 6 Months: 

Sponsorship 8 abandoned Puppies

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