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Only $15 to protect yourself and others as well as helping our animals. Thank you!
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Any time that I share with pigs I just want to kiss them. They are so sweet that they run towards to you because they just want to share some love. Is difficult for me to imagine a human killing this beautiful creatures, you can’t imagine how pigs cry, is so strong that the sound can break your heart. But I also know the sound when they laugh, is SO beautiful, sometimes they laugh out loud and it's a fantastic sound. And that is all I want, to hear and of course their fantastic conversations. How many of you share a moment of love and respect with pigs?

I love to see the gang so happy. Running here and there, smelling new flowers, playing. Julia still thinks humans are a bit weird so we can’t touch her so easy, we respect her space, but we know soon she will love to play with us 😉
We are still running our campaign for the last 28 rescued animals. We need all your support. Check please the link in our bio. Thank you

🔊 sound up! Because to hear a turkey speaking is amazing! Our dear Tulsi recovery for the sadness she was feeling when she lost her best friend Kai few months ago. She is finally running around, eating happy and having fun. You can’t imagine the bonds that grow between animals, they love, they trust, they enjoy the company of their best friends… just like be do. they feel like us! they love like us! they also have fear like us, therefore, they deserve the same rights in this world 🦃💖

Yesterday was #internationalcatday and you will never see a faster cat than Natasha. Yep, she can’t walk, but she can run fast, very fast, she can jump to our bed, she loves to play with the ball, she like to harass the small doggies, she know where is the food and ask for it, she have fun all day. People always criticize the big money we spend on the animals, like that time they criticized the expensive surgery for bone reconstruction of the chicken Kunti ( who is having a happy life) or the expensive surgery of Natasha, but, for us, life is worthy and they deserved a second chance like us, here they are, they enjoy life. And this is thanks your support. We want to send a big hug to everyone who donate to them 💖💖

Freedom… seems this word is a joke, or maybe people cant understand what freedom means, but believe me, is not a joke.
To free an animal is a huge responsibility, means you are ready to give the best of the best to the animal in need, means that you know maybe you are not going to received donations to give what the animals needs and you have to find that yourself, you have to work double, you maybe have to sleep less. To free an animal means you understand what the animal need, you will study about their diet, you have a good place for them to sleep. You can see Philip on this photo, I don’t know who “rescued” her, but I know this “hero” took her to the worse place in the world. Philip was tied to a post all the time , that place claim they were a sanctuary , with a poor diet and with no shelter and without veterinary care. To rescued an animal is similar to be pregnant, delivery and be in charge of this animal for the rest of their life.
Philip is finally getting some good weight, she LOVES fruits and vegetables, you have to see how excited she is about food, she wants to be friend of Shakira the pig… and that is weird lol you know Shakira is too crazy.
Hay is part of her diet, she love when is fresh and green. She is finally free
Thank you to everyone who has donate to our campaigns to animals like Philip 💖

We need to reform the food system before it's too late!
Watch this video: https://bit.ly/preventpandemic
The key underlying cause of these new diseases is the increasing demand for animal protein. Go vegan and prevent the next pandemic!
#COVID19 #coronavirus #eatinganimals #govegan

Look at her! Ginny! Finally looks happy and healthy. When she came to us from that hellish place she was so small and skinny for the malnutrition, she was eating at that place pod of the peas ( yes without the peas!) our vets are amazed she was eating that! because pigs hate that! so means she was really hungry at that place, her hair was horrible, her skin malnourished, she have a big scar on her chests because she was tied to a tree for long time. Is a joy to see her grow finally and reach her normal size, and let me tell you, SHE IS A BIG PIGGY. Now she is finally ready for her spay surgery and I think she is going to be happy sharing with Varaha. We need to finish fences, we need all your help here, please check the link in our bio to donate to her happiness

The bond that has grow between Julia the new rescued sheep and Vani Fiore the llama is just beautiful! The are always together, Julia follow her everywhere!!! The kiss each other, they share their food, the sit one next to the other one. They even look similar! So much love and respect 💖 Vani has teach to Julia this is a safe place and she have nothing to fear now.
Animals should live without fear, but it must be quite scary to live in a world where everyone sees you as food or as an object. When we talk about a better world, it will only be better if it is good and safe for EVERYONE

What's the best high-protein vegan egg substitute?
Try the Vegg Power Scramble. This product works great for fluffy scrambles that mimic the texture and taste of real eggs. Enjoy eggs without chickens having to suffer.
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What you are seeing is a llama relaxing. You can’t imagine the horrible things humans do to llamas in this part of the world, even the rituals are horrible.
Sharing my life with Vani Fiore showed me how sensitive and sweet they are.
Volume up to hear what she said at the end …mhm!

To give to the animals the respect, care and freedom they deserve is SO GOOD that as a side effect you naturally become happy. Look at this video, her peace, how she enjoys life, the way she says to the world: “look at me, I am someone, not something, I am an animal like you, I am not food.” This happiness and freedom you are feeling with this video is part of what I call “side effects” of veganism.

Nothing better than meeting friends and vegan food! 💚
These friends are not food, they are someone NOT something.
happy and Living their life !
TAG that friend with whom you want to go out for a good vegan food!
‼️ We have some good news, we launched the sanctuary store. Please check the link in our bio and and fall in love with everything ‼️

Many things happen in a sanctuary where animals that people consider food are rescued. Many things are very sad and others are happy. We tell the sad ones to the world so that we are aware of our mistakes. We share the happy situations to the world so that they can see the animals are incredibly fantastic.
Like our dear Philip, her life a month ago was hell, bad food, no freedom, sadness, but now… now is a lot of tickles in the belly and happy tail.

The heart shape on his forehead 💚
Balarama is an incredibly sweet boy, can you believe that he purrs when you are touching him?
Sometimes I am sitting there with him, relaxing a few seconds but I can’t stop thinking in all the bulls who right now are being separated from their mothers to be killed. Males only serve for reproduction in the dairy industry, and less than 1% are chosen for this, the rest are garbage for the industry and are killed and separated from their mothers. When I was pregnant I was so afraid that I would be separated from my son for just a second that I decided to have him at home, the dairy industry had left me completely traumatized.
And that is so simple to fix, next time you go to the store, just grab that delicious almond/soy/oat/coconut/cashew/rice milk and done! That simple, that is how you stop to kill babies. 💚 I know we can do it together! 💪🏼🐮 for them, for those innocent magical creatures, the animals.

Juliana’s Animal Sanctuary is the first certificated Verified farm sanctuary in South America 🇨🇴 !!!
We and Philip the Goat on this photo, who was rescued just a month ago, want to thanks to @gfassanctuary for all their work checking that sanctuaries around the world have the best standard for the animals we rescue. They ensure that everything is in order, that the animals are in the best conditions and in the highest standards of excellence of care. We are very excited and encouraged to always give the best for animals and ready to learn each day more. We also want to thank to all our friends who supports us and guides us on this process, to all the other good sanctuaries around the world who inspire us and guide us to always give our best. THANK YOU,THANK YOU, THANK YOU. If you want to read a little bit more about this, more beautiful details, you can check the link in our bio 💚💚💚

Patriots quarterback Cam Newton promotes veganism. “I don’t want people to think that you can’t love food being vegan, or there’s not good-tasting food that’s vegan. That’s completely false,” he said.
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If you want to put your hands on a pig, this is the way to do it… they love it!
Hands to love and respect and not to abuse. Juanito loves this! He just relaxes as you can see.

Our old man Pochoclo is friend with everyone. He is blind and sometimes he is so quiet that we don’t know where he is! He is always inside the sanctuary house, but it is a big house. He is a whole adventure man 💖
Pochoclo needs important medicines and special vet attention, if you want to help him you can become a Patreon by checking the link in our bio 💖

It's #NationalChickenWingDay. Rey is very happy that no one will be eating her wings. Stop this madness and go vegan today! #chickens #chickenwings #vegano #govegan #farmedanimals #chicken

Chandra is our very crazy goat. She just wants to jump jump jump and eat @foodyogi ‘s vegetable garden 😂😂
Is funny how she starts a friendship, she jumps in weird ways, shows her horns, the other animals say “she is crazy!” , she says: “Crazy but funny”, the other animals reply: “oooook let’s have fun” and then everyone is playing and the sanctuary looks like a really fun kindergarten.
This is what we want, freedom for everyone, but not only by creating sanctuaries like us, the real goal is that the world becomes a huge sanctuary, so we don’t have to open more safe sanctuaries like this, our life will be the real sanctuary for all animals.
🎶 You may say I'm a dreamer
But I'm not the only one
I hope some day you'll join us 🎶

I’m totally in love with Ringo and John. They sing all day, they dance, and they are so happy with the company of humans. Who in the earth wants to eat this amazing creatures? They just want to have fun, enjoy life and good food, be healthy and have a shelter.

We don't know what would happen if Shakira reaches us, because she is crazy my friends!! But she is just doing some cardio to be in shape
We love her deep, her heart is pure, she just wants to be loved and we are full of love for her here.

We are following a very strict diet with her because she arrived at the sanctuary with overweight.
People think that pigs should be fat, but no, is protein what makes their bodies very strong…. very very strong

Libertad. We call her horns the “ahimsa horns” libertad is so peaceful that even her horns has grown in a a way she can’t hurt anyone. To watch a cow eating is SO RELAXING!
It is like therapy for me 💚
Thank you Libertad, you give us so much and you don’t have to. We are in forever debt with you for any pain humans caused to you or your family.

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It's #NationalHotdogDay! On this day, the North American Meat Institute hosts its annual Hot Dog Lunch on Capitol Hill. We say Varaha and all pigs are #FriendsNotFood!
Love animals, don't eat them.
#pigs #animalsanctuary #animalslovers

Yesterday we had a very busy day at the sanctuary, and we were unable to honor #internationaldogday . We want to introduce you to Pochoclo, Pochoclo was rescued at the right time by one of our oldest veterinarians in the moment when Pochoclo was thrown from a car to be abandoned. Pochoclo is VERY old, he has no teeth (that's why his tongue is out) and he has a heart problem, his heart is very big and it occupies his entire chest and he is blind. Pochoclo has no pain now, he is very happy to have a family, his hobbies are eating, follow me everywhere guided by his nose and sleep. We don’t know how much longer Pochoclo has to live, but without a doubt his best years, the happiest ones are beginning, We will ensure that when his time comes, his last move will be a fantastic smile, which since we rescue him has adorned his beautiful face. Pochoclo needs all our help for his medicine, food and care. You can make a donation to him to PayPal: donations@julianasfarm.org or become a Patreon by checking the link is our bio.
Thank you! When we rescued an animal is not just us, is a work we all do together 💖💖

#TongueOutTuesday! Eden sends her love to you all! She is proof that animals are resilient, feeling, loving beings. Love them all! #govegan #dogs #adoptdontshop #rescuedogs #rescueanimals #animalsanctuary

Juanito 💖
The leg that moves funny is the one broken, we can’t do surgery now because Juanito is old and that leg was broken more than 8 years ago and he arrived to the sanctuary just few months ago. He is getting some good weight, he has to be in shape because our vets have to put some anesthesia to fix his teeth.
But he is very smart, moves fast, loves belly rubs, speaks a lot! He loves fruits and vegetables, we have pigs that manage to put aside the vegetables 😒
Juanito has no pain, but still we give him something strong for the pain once in a week.
His therapy and food are very important. The best way to help Juanito is to become a Patreon, there you can donate from $1 at month, please check the link in the bio

Most of the time, before the animals arrive at the sanctuary, they have been through so much suffering and such poor nutrition that it takes a long time for them to understand their new life.
They don't understand the new food, they don't understand that they have a place to sleep, they don't understand that the abuse is over. That is the case of our new friend Julia, Julia does not understand that fruits are also to eat, that her hay bed is warm, and that we are not going to hurt her. We have to wait, understand, love, and respect her moment, with time, they understand everything 💖
We love you Julia, you can take all the time you need.

We all know pigs loves belly rubs, dogs too, but did you know that goats too? When you tickle a goat's belly 💖 look at that happy tail
Chandra is a very happy crazy goat and she is the boss here.

Just two happy free duckies to bright your day.
Ringo and John know very well how to start a party. 💖

According to investor network Farm Animal Investment Risk and Return, meat producers and factory farms are at high risk of zoonotic diseases and future pandemics similar to COVID-19. This is one more reason to stop eating animals! #COVID19 #coronavirus #govegan #vegano #vegan

Do you know Sonny? He is one of the 28 last rescued animals, he came with another Guinea pig who we called Cher.
He is EXTREMELY skinny, just bones and hair. But we are giving him the best food, vet care and of course real love.
Soon all the new animals will be available for sponsorship.
We still need all your help to build their areas, we have 13 days left in our campaign, please help us. Check the link in our bio

What is Loki's favorite pastime? chase running humans while he has his mouth open and scare them pretending he is going to bite. 😂
He is missing the sanctuary tours when he can scare humans.
Of course with me he is just a sweet baby boy. 😛

💚💚 I dream with this life for all the animals in the world.
Chandra the goat looks super small but she is not small at all, but! Vani Fiore the llama is really big and she is still a baby

Feeney Gopal! I don’t remember if I told you before but he was about 5 days old the first day he was here, he never drank one drop of milk from his mother and only shared a few seconds with her. That not only broke his heart but almost cost him his life. The first 3 months Gopal’s life was in danger, we had so many emergencies with him, so many nights without sleep, I remember one night I had to sleep with him in the floor because he was really sick, but he wanted to live. Now he is 4 years old, big boy, he always had health problems but with the help of our veterinaries each day he is getting better, he only can eat grass, not hay, so his stomachs will work better. He is SO sweet! Such a good boy. Can you see how evil is the dairy industry? all the damage they cause to babies, all the pain, all the suffering… Gopal is a lucky boy, but millions are not.
FOR THE ANIMALS, for the planet, for you…. #ditchthedairy

Did you know cows are very social? They will form herds and bond with some members, but avoid others. Balarama has some new friends as we just saved 28 animals from an abusive situation. Please consider donating by clicking the link in bio.
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