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What a joy to see Black Philip happy and healthy. I remember her first days here, her neck was full of scars from all the time she was tied up, skinny and sick and very sad. After we rescued her from the fake “sanctuary” she start a new life and you can’t imagine how amazing she is doing, we love her, we respect her, we are here for her always.

Feeney Gopal was 2 days old when humans separated him from his mom. He was so sick! Is a miracle that he survived! Two times we thought was the end, but he work very hard and he is a big boy now. He never saw his mom and now days he have irreversible stomach problems because he never took colostrum ( very important for all the babies the first time). I remember how sad he was, his eyes with tears, he found a family here, a forever home, but the right thing is babies with their mothers. We can stop this horrible industry! There are so many plant base milks , ice cream, cheese , butter and more right now in the market! I remember when I stop consuming dairy there was nothing! And now there is everything! Just yesterday o tried a new vegan vanilla ice cream. We can do it together, is so simple, I promise that is very simple to stop abusing animals.
Don’t forget to share, a lot of people still don’t know the reality of dairy industry

I really don’t know what is his planning to do there, but that hole is very deep and he is very determinate there. Poldark is not only sweet, he is very very curious about things.

Feeney Gopal is such good boy! He is very kind , very careful with his movements, and he loves people. When he arrived he was dying , he was so weak that keep him with life was very difficult, he never tried his mother milk, he only share few seconds with his mother. You can’t imagine how evil is the dairy industry

🔊 Volume up 😂😂
Syama was rescued 15 years ago, she was totally brown and now is just grey hair. She is totally free, nobody ever ride her, she is healthy, she is happy.
We love her SO MUCH!

158 rescued animals. Yep! We still have many new rescued animals to introduce to you all. Our Patreons will know first! Are you a Patreon? You can donate from $1 at month and see all the news before everyone and some behind the scenes 😉😉 check the link in the bio to become a Patreon #patreon

Welcome to freedom, Kevin. Kevin was an “actor” but once he finished recording his scene, he was again nothing. But someone saw him crying and decided to give him a chance, now he is living here, free from. All chains.
Welcome home, baby. You are more, you are someone and not something.

I don't even know how to start this video. I just want to communicate that Platero the donkey has abandoned his body. We were in a fast race against time, while we were healing one part, others were failing. Platero received several blows on his head that caused an inflammation and a neuronal blockage that, as you saw, had a cure because he was walking at the end. Platero arrived at the sanctuary without being able to walk, with the first therapies he began to make movements and suddenly he was walking. We had solved the first part of the problem, so now we had Platero standing as you could see in all the videos. But the neuronal disconnection came with other failures, one of them was that suddenly his brain stopped sending the order to his bladder to empty, that is why his bladder exploded and we had to do an emergency surgery which he survived as a champion. Another problem was that his digestion was slow and that is very bad since they generate gases very quickly causing very painful colics. His last day began with bad colics, he went for a walk but we noticed that he was sad, he felt pain; suddenly he did not want to stand up anymore, the last 3 days he was avoiding standing, suddenly he began to cry and complain. The vet saw him right away, and this was going to be another unpleasant procedure, and it wouldn't be his first. It was in that moment that we saw in Platero’s eyes that it was time to rest, that he had already fought with all his strength. Platero left this world surrounded by many kisses and hugs, millions of words of love and gratitude, knowing that the whole world was caring for him and thinking of him, giving the world hope, love, and courage. A special thanks to @andreabayona_ who was first-hand care of Platero and who brought him to the sanctuary (and who experienced how life in a sanctuary actually works) … continue in comments

Just a little reminder that all animals feel like cats and dogs, animals want to live like everyone else. Some like belly rubs, some like kisses in the face, some just want to take a nap or eat the whole day and each of them have the same right to be alive, happy, healthy and free, like you and me.
Look at Poldark! Happy big boy 💕🐽

Shakira just want yo say hello! Why they are so cute!!! And so incredible smart! We love them!

Feeney Gopal has huge horns to pretend he is the boss…. the truth is that his brother Bernie Sundara is the boss even when his horns look weak 🤣 and Gopal is a total sweetheart 💞
I love to sit next to them at this time of the day when they “process” the grass they eat, their breath is just delicious! It's fresh as heaven! Animals are so amazing, even in those little details 🤗

No olviden apoyar este delicioso evento que apoya a los animales que rescatamos. Marzo 7, $15.000.
Muchas gracias 💚🍔🌱 @accionyliberacion

She is trusting. Everything was so hard for her before came to us, after more than 6 months just now she is fully recovery, she knows about love a and care, she feels safe, she is free.
She is very kind and doesn’t like to play rude, so when Chandra go crazy she run away 🤣
Oh friends! I have like 12 new rescued to share with you but I am so busy to even post, this pandemic is CRAZY.
Please check our link in the bio if you feel to become a Patreon and donate from $1 at month 💚 thank you

Happy #Caturday from Krishna. He brings the best luck to everyone!
#blackcats #cats #catslovers

Vani Fiore spends part of her day looking at her in the mirror and making facial expressions, apparently her face seems very funny to her. Julita seems very boring and she went to talk to Syama 🤣

Breakfast delivery to the room for Ms Black Philip 👩🏽‍🍳
Before the sanctuary she was tied to a post without a shelter to protect her from the cold, rain or sun, she was with very poor food so she had malnutrition and was anemic. Today she is doing great with us, amazing food, cute and safe shelter and tons of fun.
Don’t forget that you can support our work becoming a Patreon donating from $1 at month, you can’t imagine the power of $1, check the link in our bio to Patreon and thank you 💞

Happy tails to you! Gaby is on her way to steal Syama's breakfast. 🐷Our girl has a portion control problem. 😂
#pigs #animalsanctuary #farmlife

Re posting this video because Balarama is a beautiful creature 💞
There is so much love and kindness in his heart, even when the evil dairy industry separate him from his mother , he cried for few days , he was so lost, so sad, that day I became his mom and these 15 years next to him has been precious. Balaram has teach to si many people everything about justice for animals and many became vegan because of him. THANK YOU BALA 💚

Bernie Sundara is looking at us like that because he is a bit upset with us. Few days ago was deworming day and he said “Not me” because like me Bernie Sundara freak out with needles and syringes. So we have to force him to do the right thing and he was very upset, next day he was sad, so sad that his brother Feeney Gopal is now the boss of the area! He is feeling way better now, playful again and fun. To deal with animals is like deal with toddlers, each one have personality and they are rebellious. We love that! 💞
• 📸 By Alejandro Jimenez ( who is planning to do some visual projects here)

Happy #Caturday from Natasha! We hope you enjoy the small pleasures of life like she does. Food, shelter, water, and stalking! 😹
#cats #catslovers #animalsanctuary

Our Patreons already know, please welcome Chewie to his freedom.

The amount of rescues we had for 2020 was incredible, I have not yet had the opportunity to tell everything , but 2021 has already begun with three new rescues; one of them is this innocent who was rescued from a situation of terrible abuse.

The way humans abuse of them cause a lot of psychological damage and we are working on this, he is just a kid.
Later on stories I want to share with you more about him.
Please help us to support our work by becoming a patron, please check the link in our bio. Thank you 💞

Happy #NationalHuggingDay! Give the ones you love a great big hug today. We hug our babies everyday.
#ThrowbackThursday #animalslovers #animalslover

Happy #TongueOutTuesday! Mushaka is smiling because he gets to spend the rest of his life happy and safe on our sanctuary. Please consider sponsoring one of our special animals so we can continue to save more deserving beings. Click the link in bio.
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John has been one of the longest-recovery animals since we rescued him from the "fake sanctuary." He has many wounds on his skin and almost all of his wings are missing, his feet are full of holes and fungus on his face and extreme malnutrition. It has been a very long process with him and even after more than 6 months he is still trying to recover. John has a very sweet personality, we had to separate him from his partner Ringo because Ringo is the dominant one and was hurting him. We love him and love his strength and how he loves life.

Sky right now, and Balaram always.
Honestly, he is the most handsome boy in the world. I remember the first time he was in my arms, that heart on his forehead means so much for me, and those kind eyes are like hope for this world. These animals are here, not only because they are the lucky ones, they are here to give a very important message to the world, a message of respect to everyone, no matter the species. People normally see me like the Juliana who rescue animals, but I am only the Juliana who translate to you the message these animals have, and what they want, a message so simple as freedom and respect 💚

Look at that face! That smile!

If that's not happiness then I don't know what it is
Oh Juanito! Big body, big heart!

Happy #Caturday! Penelope sends her love to you this weekend.
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Natasha is strong, warrior, smart, brave and beautiful… now you know why we named her like that 😉
NATH can’t walk, a human broke her spine in two, when she came to us the spine was totally separate and one edge of this one damage her muscle and cause an hernia. We did two surgeries: 1) Join her spine with a new spine like a super hero! ( inside she is Wolverine), 2) close the muscle to cure the hernia. We had long months but Nath is doing great, she literally “run” everywhere dragging her body , she don’t like wheelchair because she also climb everywhere! She have no pain and super fun girl as you can see. With YOUR SUPPORT we paid all her surgeries and give the life she have now. THANK YOU!
I need your help again. Instagram is funny these days, let’s share, comment and react to this post. Keep this account in everyone eyes is important because that is how we help people to understand why the animals abuse have to stop. So we need to move move the account: SHARE,COMMENT, INTERACTION. Thank you 💞

Happy #NationalDressUpYourPetDay! Gopi needs her outfits to keep her warm. If you want to dress up your pet, checkout our site: Click link in bio.
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Healthy breakfast, if I am honest, they eat better than me 😬😂
Rabbits have a very special diet, we have to check all the food and research any time we give something new. 💚 we only give pellets twice a week and a little bit.

syama is one of the first farm animals we rescued almost 15 years ago. Her hair was dark brown, but it is getting old and now it is gray, we could say that we have aged together and that I have also seen some gray in my hair. This year the sanctuary celebrates 15 years where we have worked non-stop changing the history of farm animals in Colombia. With our co-founder @ekalart we talked about how much our knees hurt, our back pain, my hernias, things that have occurred for more than 15 years of repetitive physical activities, but we do not regret anything, we would do this a thousand times more , until all animals achieve the respect and freedom they deserve. our heart is always grateful for all who have been with us throughout this great story. 💚

It's #NationalMilkDay. As you know, we lost our beautiful Gita recently. Please think about the abuse female cows go through for people to have dairy milk, cheese and ice cream. Choose almond, cashew, soy, or rice milk instead. End the suffering! #dairyisscary #plantmilk

Juanito’s heart is just pure love. This giant pig with 3 legs working is the most adorable person, I feel to stay there hugging him all day. As you can see, they are not food, they want to live, they need respect.

Julita likes to spin around me when I share some extra love with her, this can last 20 minutes easily 😂😂 spinning spinning
This old lady is a fantastic person, so smart, so gentle, so beautiful.
For those who wondering if we should change her hair style, vet suggest keep like that, this is a cold area and she have what she needs there. Sometimes when is raining she stays outside and I try to call her to come inside, but then, when I touch, inside she is totally dry! Is amazing! Water don’t can’t touch her. Each animal in this world have special qualities, in the same way Julita have her beautiful coat, humans have a brilliant brain to create their coats with so many vegan fabric free from hurt animals like Julita or others. We cause pain and also take their precious life when in reality we have all what we need without abuse them, without clean the blood from our hands, yes! We can do it!

Everyone loves belly rubs… but pigs…. pigs melt!
More belly rubs and zero knifes for this wonderful creatures.

Join this weekly Zoom call at 9am PST or 5pm PST as we all advance the cause of a Vegan World by 2026! A Vegan World is irrepressible as the Carnist side does not have a moral leg to stand on. Find out what the https://climatehealers.org/ are up to. #veganworld #climatehealers