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Who want news about the rescued quails??? They are doing just great. Was a long month, taking care of birds is not easy, specially when they are SO SICK. Some of them died, but 98 survived and want to enjoy the sun and the good food. We divided them in 3 groups and each group is so different 😂 I love animal’s personalities, I really love to see that, because that is pure freedom. For those who think a egg don’t kill animals…. eggs kill and torture many animals , free range, organic, is everything the same: ABUSE.

#vegan #birds #animalabuse #animalrights #rescuedanimals #quails #freedom #friendsnotfood #vegansofig #vegansoflatam

Who remember Vani Fiore the llama almost 2 years ago??? He is a sensation here 🤣🤣

#vegan #animals #vegansofig #love #respect #cute #veggie #rescuedanimals #animalsanctuary #friendsnotfood #loveanimals #happiness #llama #llamalove

📢volume up! They know their name, they even like to have a name, they love to run, to play, the good food, take the sun, they have friends and relationship, they love and they like to be loved, they are asking for nothing and and we humans owe them everything. Why is so hard to respect others? Gito have a very special personality and his favorite Tv show is FRIENDS 💖 ( I’m serious)

#vegan #animals #vegansofig #love #respect #cute #veggie #rescuedanimals #animalsanctuary #friendsnotfood #loveanimals #happiness


a few days ago we were behind the rescue of 126 quail. Their situation was hellish, they were dying painfully, drowning, burning alive, and starving. In the egg industry when birds stop producing eggs they are useless for the industry, they are discarded, burned alive. Of 3000 birds the activist only found 126 alive and they were brought to the sanctuary, 21 died after a couple of days, the rest are still alive and so happy! The egg industry is a nightmare for birds, you can’t imagine the suffering behind that “innocent egg”. The activists builds an area for them with their own money, but still, we have many things to do and a long way to work. We need all your help. Please check the link in the bio to donate, WE REALLY NEED YOU HERE, please ( share everywhere) ‼️CHECK THE LINK IN THE BIO‼️

Have you ever fallen in love? loving animals means not hurt them, not abusing them, not killing them. Loving animals means extending our respect to those animals who are not cats and dogs. True love means respect, and now is time to respect “I love animals” but this time… the true love 💗 for all the animals in this world who are suffering while I write this post
Sharing some moments of love here with our dear Sundara and Gopal, rescued from the horrors of the dairy industry

#vegan #veganlife #animals #vegansofig #cows #rescuecow #veggies #love

Natasha the cat comes to say that we could not make any post because these days, we were/are super busy with two rescues of small animals that give us a total of more than 150 rescued animals. soon we will bring you all the news… For now enjoy Natasha happiness 💗

Is Cow Appreciation Day! And I am posting this old video of Gita, because she was just amazing, powerful, warrior, beautiful and because I love her and miss her so much. To share my life with cows help me to understand better what they want in life, how they love freedom, how they want to enjoy a day eating grass. Cows are incredible amazing, they don’t want to be separate from their babies, they don’t want to be rape, they don’t want to be torture, they just want to be free.

#cows #cowsofig #vegan #freedom #friendsnotfood #animalrights

Muy agradecidos con la donación de @figa_s.a en insumos para usar en los animales grandes que protegemos. Nuestros veterinarios están organizando y almacenando. Es una grandísima ayuda! 💜

Do you remember when Chandra was small with small horns? Look this old video I found! Now she is so big and each day smartest. Her area is close to my office windows and I can see how she is watching how things works to do the same, she already know how to open doors!!! I think I spend half of my day saying“Chandraaaaaaaa” trying to stop her, she is so mischievous.

chandra was brought to the sanctuary by people who promised to cover all her expenses and suddenly they disappeared, that is 99% of the time that someone brings an animal to the sanctuary and promises the same, do you want to be her sponsor? Please check the link in the bio there are so many ways to help! 😍

‼️UPDATE ‼️ We call her Wanda while we confirm her sex 😂. She and her brother came in very bad condition, malnutrition, very skinny and dehydrated, they are just 6 months old. Wanda started to show she don’t want to eat and was not moving so we took her to the vet to confirm the symptoms I mentioned before, still she don’t want to eat, she is on fluids, have to be very warm ( we are using heating pad) , she is also with special vitamins and minerals and we really hope she start to eat soon and enjoy her freedom with her brother, seems he is doing ok, he is bigger and stronger it seems. 💗

That is a beautiful face! , is not food, , is not a slave, is someone who enjoy life, someone smart…
I can’t stop to kiss him when I pass by his area 😘
We love you Balaram, you are a beautiful person

#vegan #vegansofig #rescueanimals #rescuebull #rescuecow #veggie #animalsrights #veganism #animalsofinstagram

I think he really loves the therapy day 💜
People is asking me why he has bad bone density. The meat industry feed animals with very poor food, their only interest is to made them grow fat and fast so they can kill them and sell to eat them fast. Pigs are sent to slaughter when they are no older than 6 months old. Varaha was living this miserable life, his bones are not good, when he came he had burned skin, he still has wounds from this.
Here he is protected and happy, and we are here for him for whatever he needs.
If you want to donate to Varaha's superhero abs recovery, please check the link in our bio

I confess that I have had moments of extreme stress, you cannot imagine how difficult it is to help a pig after surgery, especially when it is bone surgery. The expenses are very high, the care requires absolute dedication, his diet has been changed due to the calcium deficiency that he has due to the abuse at his birth, and here we are, he is brave, powerful and with all the energy to continue fighting, I dying of pain in my hernias from helping a 130k pig walk 😂😂, but very happy to see his progress. Thank you for all the support, remember that he continues in therapies and other treatments, we need all the help, check the link in the bio to donate

#vegan #pig #pigsofinstagram #rescuepig #rescuedpig #happypig #animalsanctuary #love #respect #friendsnotfood #veganism #cute #animals #loveanimals

He really wants to eat that tree… is funny how he notice someone was recording 😂😂
Simon is a very smart boy and very selective with who he wants as a friend… sadly I am not one of them 😂😂 he still feel I shouldn’t touch him. But he have good relations with others. I love the personalities of animals, specially cows, is just amazing.
Simon is a victim of the dairy industry and the dairy industry is what I call “the mother of the evil industries” he was abandoned in horrible conditions and rescued by kind souls.

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💔 read the whole story 💔 She is too amazing! I remember the first time I saw her, she was living in a disgusting place, full of pieces of broken glass, tied with a rope to a tree ( I have videos and photos of this) , she was just a baby, the guy who have her said he rescued her, but he was torturing her, at the time I can’t legally help her, 8 months later the situation was way worse , her condition and the condition of 27 more animals in the hands of this man and his group who said help animals, was a worse condition than 8 months before. She was living in a disgusting flooded bathroom ( there is a horrible video of this moment) with poor food, she was under weight, extreme sick and with horrible traumas…. almost a year has passed since we rescued her with the other 27 animals and look at her! Full of joy, finally healthy, big , beautiful and free 💜 WE LOVE YOU GINNY!!!!

Kevin has been living in his new outdoor area for a little over a month, an area where he can play more and dig his holes. Today while we were opening the door to feed him he ran out and protested that he wanted to be inside the house again 😂😊😂 Kevin is growing up fast, this house is too small for him! We love you Kevin! I wish I can share my bed with you again big boy 💜 but no problem, I like to be in your bed too.
#pigsofinstagram #rescuepig #lovepigs #cutepig #friendsnotfood #vegan #animalsanctuary #julianasanimalsanctuary #respect #animalrights

Yes we will 😘
Who will love to kiss Vani the llama? 🥰

#vegan #animals #llama #llamalove #fun #kiss #rescueanimals #happyanimals #loveanimals #animallovers #llamalover #animalsofinstagram #vegansofig

One beautiful creature! We love you Ringo! 💜 I have rescued so many animals in my life , but this is the saddest story, we rescued him from a fake “rescued center” along with other 26 animals here in Colombia, he was so malnourished, so sad, so sick, he had fear of humans… almost a year has passed and he love humans now, is very sweet and kind, he is very healthy, and extreme happy.

Our beautiful and sweet Libertad. This girl is pure love, I wish everyone have the luck to share with cows, they are smart, sweet and fun.

#vegan #rescuedanimals #rescuecow #cow #happiness #animals #animalsanctuary #julianasanimalsanctuary #respect #veganfortheanimals #friendsnotfood #someonenotsomething

Our beloved Anil A.K.A Mrs Chown. has left this world. Anil was the first rabbit we rescued. Anil was found in the garbage, once here in the sanctuary she had her son who still lives with us. Anil was about 12 years old, she was very active, the leader of the group, the smallest in size. We love you so much and we miss you. Anil, you open an area in this sanctuary to rescued more rabbits and now there are about 14 rabbits safe thanks to you, you are a hero! Thank you for everything. 💜🐇

Dear friends,

It has been difficult to post these days about the sanctuary. As many know, our sanctuary is located in Colombia, South America, and some of you will already be aware of the current situation in the country. In short, the government is killing innocent citizens.

Hundreds of thousands are taking to the streets to protest the injustice, government corruption, and new laws that increase taxes for the poor people while helping the rich. And all this, in the midst of a pandemic and lockdown that has left the world in an economic crisis.

As you know, I believe in and seek justice for all. A long time back, I decided to dedicate my life to helping animals because I knew they were the least supported in the world. However, that does not mean that I do not suffer along with the suffering of humans.

So you cannot imagine how difficult it is at this time to browse social media feeds and see mothers crying over the bodies of their young children, murdered with government weapons simply because they called for justice!

I am the mother of a young human. I love Colombia, and I must confess that it is my favorite place in the world, but like many wonderful countries, the leaders are shameless, selfish rogues. So I want to take advantage of our international community and ask that you please share what is really happening in my country. Please ask for help from international organizations for human rights. We are in a dictatorship here, and we desperately need help.

At the same time, we will continue working to help and protect all the animals that our capacity allows us. Thank you for reading. I will do my best to continue to share updates and stories of the animals of the sanctuary.

In my personal IG @juli_jags ( post and stories), I am posting more information about the situation of my country Colombia.
And I think now is the right time to say MAY THE FORCE BE WITH US

We have such a good news…. BUT still can't tell you 😂😂 I have to wait a little bit! But is GOOD! Is a new chapter for the sanctuary! We are so so excited! We are going to help so so much! I can’t wait to share with the world! 💕for now… look at beautiful Chandra, someone not something, she is incredible smart and playful. 🐐

What a joy to see Black Philip happy and healthy. I remember her first days here, her neck was full of scars from all the time she was tied up, skinny and sick and very sad. After we rescued her from the fake “sanctuary” she start a new life and you can’t imagine how amazing she is doing, we love her, we respect her, we are here for her always.

Feeney Gopal was 2 days old when humans separated him from his mom. He was so sick! Is a miracle that he survived! Two times we thought was the end, but he work very hard and he is a big boy now. He never saw his mom and now days he have irreversible stomach problems because he never took colostrum ( very important for all the babies the first time). I remember how sad he was, his eyes with tears, he found a family here, a forever home, but the right thing is babies with their mothers. We can stop this horrible industry! There are so many plant base milks , ice cream, cheese , butter and more right now in the market! I remember when I stop consuming dairy there was nothing! And now there is everything! Just yesterday o tried a new vegan vanilla ice cream. We can do it together, is so simple, I promise that is very simple to stop abusing animals.
Don’t forget to share, a lot of people still don’t know the reality of dairy industry

I really don’t know what is his planning to do there, but that hole is very deep and he is very determinate there. Poldark is not only sweet, he is very very curious about things.

Feeney Gopal is such good boy! He is very kind , very careful with his movements, and he loves people. When he arrived he was dying , he was so weak that keep him with life was very difficult, he never tried his mother milk, he only share few seconds with his mother. You can’t imagine how evil is the dairy industry

🔊 Volume up 😂😂
Syama was rescued 15 years ago, she was totally brown and now is just grey hair. She is totally free, nobody ever ride her, she is healthy, she is happy.
We love her SO MUCH!

158 rescued animals. Yep! We still have many new rescued animals to introduce to you all. Our Patreons will know first! Are you a Patreon? You can donate from $1 at month and see all the news before everyone and some behind the scenes 😉😉 check the link in the bio to become a Patreon #patreon

Welcome to freedom Kevin. Kevin was an “actor” but once his finished recording his science he was again nothing, but someone saw him crying and decide to give him a chance and now he is living here, living his freedom.
Welcome home baby, you are more, you are someone and not something.

I don't even know how to start this video, I just want to communicate that Platero the donkey has abandoned his body. We were in a fast race against time, while we were healing one part, others were failing. Platero received several blows on his head that caused an inflammation and a neuronal blockage that, as you saw, had a cure because he was walking at the end. Platero arrived at the sanctuary without being able to walk, with the first therapies he began to make movements and suddenly he was walking, we had solved the first part of the problem, so now we had Platero standing as you could see in all the videos. But the neuronal disconnection came with other failures, one of them was that suddenly his brain stopped sending the order to his bladder to empty, that is why his bladder exploded and we had to do an emergency surgery which he survived as a champion. Another problem was that his digestion was slow and that is very bad since they generate gases very quickly causing very painful colic. His last Platero day began with bad colic, he went for a walk but we noticed that he was sad, he felt pain, suddenly he did not want to stand up anymore, the last 3 days he was avoiding standing, suddenly he began to cry and complain, the vet saw him right away, and this was going to be another unpleasant procedure, and it wouldn't be his first. It was in that moment that we saw in the Platero’s eyes that it was time to rest, that he had already fought with all his strength. Platero left this world surrounded by many kisses and hugs, millions of words of love and gratitude, knowing that the whole world was caring for him and thinking of him, giving the world hope, love, and courage. beloved Platero. a special thanks to @andreabayona_ who was first-hand care of Platero and who brought him to the sanctuary (and who experienced how life in a sanctuary actually works) … continue in comments

Just a little reminder that animals feel like cats and dogs, animals want to live like the the cats and dogs, some like belly rubs, some like kisses in the face, some just want to take a nap or eat the whole day and each of them have the same right to be alive, happy, healthy and free, like you and me.
Look at Poldark! Happy big boy 💕🐽

Shakira just want yo say hello! Why they are so cute!!! And so incredible smart! We love them!

Feeney Gopal has huge horns to pretend he is the boss…. the truth is that his brother Bernie Sundara is the boss even when his horns look weak 🤣 and Gopal is a total sweetheart 💞
I love to sit next to them at this time of the day when they “process” the grass they eat, their breath is just delicious! It's fresh as heaven! Animals are so amazing, even in those little details 🤗

No olviden apoyar este delicioso evento que apoya a los animales que rescatamos. Marzo 7, $15.000.
Muchas gracias 💚🍔🌱 @accionyliberacion