MAX, our newest member of the sanctuary

Paul, Juliana and our new volunteer Asa went into town and on their way, they came across a heartbreaking sight. There was a scared dog following cars, looking for his owners who had likely abandoned him.

The local dogs were attacking him because he was not a street dog from their area. In Colombia, a lot of people just abandon their dogs when they go on vacation, rather than pay for their board somewhere. Asa opened the car door and the dog jumped straight in. Asa decided to call him Max. We’ve gotten his initial vet care taken care of already, about $80 but he will soon need more care, plus food.

Help us out if you can by donating in Max’s name. If we raise enough, we might even be able to afford an airline ticket and kennel to send him to the US because Asa would like to adopt him when he moves to a bigger house!





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  1. donna marie pothier

    i just found your page. I volunteer here in Virginia. Thank You SO much for what you are doing in Columbia…I cannot right now , but by next month I will send a donation….Another Angel for the animals!!

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