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Juliana Castañeda Turner - Co-founder and President

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Juliana co-founded the sanctuary in 2006, from that moment on, she has given her life to saving animals. Vegetarian since she was 5 and vegan from 2006, and a lifelong activist. Juliana is also the regional coordinator for Food for Life Global, the world’s largest vegan food relief.

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Ekala Das - Co-founder and Manager


Ekala cofounded the sanctuary, put aside his career as an artist to dedicate his life to saving animals. He currently oversees the well-being of all the animals. Recently, he has started creating artwork of the animals to help support the sanctuary. 

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Paul Rodney Turner - Animal Caretaker and Chef

Paul in the kitchen*

Paul cares for the larger animals on the sanctuary and is also the in-house vegan chef. He is the founder and director of Food for Life Global, the world’s largest vegan food relief, a social entrepreneur and founder of the feedOM Kindness Ecosystem. He is a 10-year veteran of the World bank, former monk and author of 5 books

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Jorden Meade Ruggles - Secretary


Jordie is a long-time animal activists and graphic designer who lives in Seattle. She began doing pro-bono graphic design for JAS in 2016 and soon after took over the role of charity president for 3 years. Jordie has also helped us bring 8 dogs to the US to their forever homes!
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Dianne Hall - Social Media Manager


Dianne loves animals and has been involved in animal activism since 2011. She has been a long-time donor to JAS and 3-years ago took up the role of managing our social media and newsletter. Dianna lives in Denver, CO and loves the outdoors.

Amelia - International Volunteer Recruiter


Amelia is an animal-loving environmentalist from Canada. Since going vegan in 2014 she has dedicated all her free time to saving animals. She has traveled around the world volunteering for Sea Shepherd, Elephant Nature Park, Esther the wonder pig and JAS. She is so inspired by Juliana’s work and is thrilled to be part of the team. 

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Camilo Arias - Assistant to Director


Camilo is a professional musician, who also has a great love for literature; this interest in writing, added to his love for animals, led him to become involved with Juliana’s sanctuary. 

For him, working in this wonderful place means giving a greater meaning to life, since he thinks that giving his skills for a just cause is something that rejoices anyone. Not everyone has the opportunity to do something worthwhile every day, and for Camilo, it means getting up every day to fight for the other species that live with us.

His plans for the future involve creating music and art that helps more people become aware of the importance of animal liberation and continue supporting the Sanctuary in every possible way.

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Tabitha Kelly - Grantwriter


Tabitha was born in Connecticut, where she began to recognize the beauty of the natural world, which led to her pursuit of a Natural Resource Management degree at Clemson University. After several years, she began pursuing her Masters of Nonprofit Management at Northeastern University. Tabitha manages our grant-writing team. In her spare time, she enjoys backpacking with her two dogs in the wilds of Utah, practicing daily yoga, and reading fiction books.

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Carolina Ruiz - National Volunteer coordinator


Vegan since 2017, Carolina or Helena Fox as she is known for her artistic work is a passionate animal rights advocate, a lionheart. She’s a well known cruelty free & vegan makeup artist in Colombia, she has been investigating cruelty free beauty and lifestyle for about 5 years now. She’s been leading our national volunteer group since 2018 who clean, fix and maintain all the areas of the animals once a month.

She is also mother of one of our sanctuary habitants: our calf Simón David, which she rescued with her friends. She says working at the sanctuary is an honor and will be forever grateful to be able to be part of this family. We are her favorite place in the world.

Lizzie Schaeffer - Accountant

Lizzie Schaeffer

A vegetarian for 20 years and vegan for 6, Lizzie is an avid traveler, lover of all things nature, and passionate about animal rights .She currently lives at the beach in Charleston, SC. New to the JAS team, Lizzie is excited to do meaningful work and make a difference in the fight for species equality. A CPA for 10 years, with non-profit experience, she is looking forward to helping JAS as the new accountant

Sara Stacey - Grantwriter

Sara Stacey

Sara, born and raised in Ohio, found a passion for animal welfare and adopted a vegan lifestyle during her time at Ohio State University, where she received her degree in journalism. She assists with our grant writing efforts. In her free time she enjoys yoga, climbing, cooking and spending time with her miniature schnauzer, Finn.