Old abandoned dog need us, his name is Minion

Many times we do rescue dogs and cats, but exclusively those that have a disability or that are very old and abandoned. This is one of those cases, this little blind dog, more than 13 years old, abandoned in the streets, got trapped between the metal bars of a building, there he was crying without food, without water, and in the rain for 3 days until that someone was brave and decided to rescue him and bring him to the sanctuary. We have been with him for two days in which he has known love, a warm bed, food of the best quality. He is happy, we must do several medical examinations and therapies and organize a good diet, to give him the best moments of his life we need your help, as you know we have had many rescues since last year, but this grandpa needs us.


Please consider donating towards his recovery and his new life, we rescued more than 110 animals in the last year, we need you, we really need you.