Gita was rescued from a slaughterhouse. She was a high-spirited cow and would not submit the demands of the farmers so they tried to break her spirit by electrocuting her but she would not break, even when they tried to kill her she doesn’t let anyone touch her. Juliana rescued her when she was just 1 year-old and she has lived happily on the sanctuary since that day, however, she is still traumatized by the earlier abuse she suffered and does not trust humans too much on humans, She knows our love from a distance, but refuses to let anyone touch her. Gita is a big girl who eats a lot and spends her days grazing alongside Balarama. Her favorite food is fresh pumpkin, which she gets fed every day. By sponsoring Gita, you will be significantly contributing to her food expenses and maintaining her land. Please consider helping us by sponsoring Gita!

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