In 2010 Juanito was rescued as a piglet from a university where he was being used for bad practices. Juanito spent his days at the sanctuary bonding with every animal and growing to be a happy pig. One day someone trespass our farm and stole our baby, he was taken away from us. Unfortunately, his whereabouts were unknown but we never gave up on him.

As if we were meant to be together, 9 years later a man reached out us to see if we could provide a forever home to a pig in his parent’s house who was being mistreated and in bad health conditions, as we gather more information about him, we found out his name was Juanito, he was our Juanito! Now, our baby Juanito was this beautiful big redhead pig who was sadly now paraplegic, dragging his body around and getting hurt without receiving any vet care or treatment.

Fate brought us back together and finally our big boy was able to enjoy the beautiful life he deserved since the beginning at the sanctuary, his place. Juanito is currently living his best life within mud puddles, yummy food and the love and care from our caregivers and volunteers.