The meat industry is evil, the mother of this angel was very sick and all her babies were born dead, only this tinny baby survived, and you may think: yay life is life!

But that is not what meat industry have in their mind, the put him in spaces ready to grow him to be food, with the wrong diet and bad care he also burnt his body with a heating bulb and at this point somebody rescued him and then contact us, he was under vet care for a month than a month before came to the sanctuary. Now is here, happy and safe. We are very thankful to @minioinkcol for the help they provide to this baby. Welcome to freedom crazy and sweet Varaha, no worries, you are someone here, not something.

we still have to build an area for Varaha, he is growing fast and he can’t continue living inside the house, he needs his own place to have fun.

And need a sponsor who helps him with his food.

Sponsor Varaha the burned pig