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Balarama the ox

Check his amazing story, by The DoDo HERE They call him the “gentle giant,” but not too long ago he was just a calf with an uncertain future. Balarama the ox is the son of a dairy cow who escaped from the farm. In a stroke of incredible luck, she happened upon the only farm animal […]

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    Poldark the pig

    Poldark was rescued as a young pig from the meat industry. As is common with meat industry, they have their teeth removed to stop them from hurting each other while stuck in confined areas. He was also kicked in the jaw by a horse before he was rescued by Juliana. These things resulted in long […]

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      Sita, Female

      Her real name is Sita Buñuela Mogolla Samosa Alien, because she looks like all that. When we first moved to the new farm the people around was very upset because there were many animals, and as you know many people don’t like them. So they started calling government functionaries in charge of animals in order […]

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        Bernie Sundara

        Bernie was rescued by Juliana from a dairy farm. Of course, the calves have no profitability for these businesses, so Bernie and his brother Feeney were going to be sacrificed. The owner of this place, did not want this to happen, so she contacted Juliana to come to the rescue. Now both live next to […]

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          Syama was going to be killed by her previous owner because of her size, he said she was useless. The method of killing her was to run her at a constant high pace, hoping she would have a heart attack. When Juliana saw this, she stepped in, and took Syama to the sanctuary. Syama has […]

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            We discovered Tulsi one morning near one of our dog areas, slightly injured. We thought she flew into our safe sanctuary from a neighboring turkey farm. Incidentally, our vet was visiting that day and was able to give Tulsi the medical treatment she needed right away. Tulsi is a timid bird, but she is getting […]