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Balarama the ox

Check his amazing story, by The DoDo HERE They call him the “gentle giant,” but not too long ago he was just a calf with an uncertain future. Balarama the ox is the son of a dairy cow who escaped from the farm. In a stroke of incredible luck, she happened upon the only farm animal […]

Poldark the pig

Poldark was rescued as a young pig from the meat industry. As is common with meat industry, they have their teeth removed to stop them from hurting each other while stuck in confined areas. He was also kicked in the jaw by a horse before he was rescued by Juliana. These things resulted in long […]

Sita, Female

Her real name is Sita Buñuela Mogolla Samosa Alien, because she looks like all that. When we first moved to the new farm the people around was very upset because there were many animals, and as you know many people don’t like them. So they started calling government functionaries in charge of animals in order […]

Bernie Sundara

Bernie was rescued by Juliana from a dairy farm. Of course, the calves have no profitability for these businesses, so Bernie and his brother Feeney were going to be sacrificed. The owner of this place, did not want this to happen, so she contacted Juliana to come to the rescue. Now both live next to […]


Syama was going to be killed by her previous owner because of her size, he said she was useless. The method of killing her was to run her at a constant high pace, hoping she would have a heart attack. When Juliana saw this, she stepped in, and took Syama to the sanctuary. Syama has […]


We discovered Tulsi one morning near one of our dog areas, slightly injured. We thought she flew into our safe sanctuary from a neighboring turkey farm. Incidentally, our vet was visiting that day and was able to give Tulsi the medical treatment she needed right away. Tulsi is a timid bird, but she is getting […]

Dharma, Female

A person abandoned Dharma in the streets. However, someone rescued her and gave her a worse life. In the event that, she was tied to a table, was when Juliana took her to the sanctuary. Dharma is crazy as Milk, we call them the cousins, because they play around and do exactly the same things. […]

Aurora, Female

Our gentle Aurora was horribly abused by humans (she was raped) before she came to our sanctuary. Despite this, she one of our sweetest and kindest dogs. She lives with Cariñoso, who is completely opposite in terms of personalities, and we think this is why they get along so well! We wish that people around […]

Ramdas, Male

Ramdas was abandoned by his owner, in the old sanctuary place where we were not living. Therefore, Ekala and Juliana decided to return for some things they had there and found Ramdas by himself. Being that, they immediately took him to the sanctuary. Ramdas is a very calm dog, super sweet and very shy. For […]

Zeus, Male.

Zeus knows very well he is not a cat. He is a lion! Kind, beautiful, with perfect hair. He was found alone when he was just a little kitty in a dangerous street. Eventually, someone brought him to the sanctuary and he has been here all these years. Now, he is the best friend of […]

Sri Rama, Male

Sri rama was found abandoned with all his brother and sisters and his mama, and when Juliana found them the mother was with all her babies keeping them warm, but one of the babies was dead. Therefore, Juliana immediately took all the babies to the sanctuary and the mother and gave the care they were […]

Yin-Yang, Male.

We found Yin-Yang under a car in the street, completely paralyzed. We noticed that his leg was broken and full of worms. Then, after many days recovering from surgery, he became the biggest cat in our cat community. But the kind one, he is always sweet and respectful with others. Hence, if the other ones […]

Anil, Female

We rescued Anil and another five rabbits from the meat industry here in Colombia. We gave her the nickname Mr. Chow, because, when she was first rescued, she was quite aggressive and often tried to bite us. However, with time, she became much friendlier and even lets our volunteers hold her! Please consider helping Anil […]

Feeney Gopal, Male

Let me introduce you to this little boy. He lost his mother a few seconds after he was born.We call him “Gopal” for now, a name  that means “Protector of the Cows”. He was born inside one of the most popular and biggest colleges in Bogota, the National University of Colombia. They manage a small […]

Jara, Male.

We rescued Jara and another five rabbits from the meat industry here in Colombia. Jara is our only male, he was born with his body almost cut in half, being that, we thought he would not survive. But he did it! And he is a perfectly healthy boy. All of our rabbits eat fresh cut […]

Pocha, Female.

One day Juliana was walking and saw this cute dog crossing the street. Like always, Juliana crossed to say hi to the dog, but this time when Juliana touched her, her hand was full of blood, this dog was bleeding! so Juliana tried to catch her but this cute dog was already running. Finally, Juliana […]

Petunio, Male

Petunio came to us from a neglectful previous owner, the same family who had condor and Cariñoso. One day, he literally was sleeping on Juliana’s bed, just like that. Then, he guided Juliana where there were more dogs in need where he was living. Juliana gave food to him, but then he called the other […]

Nacha, Female.

Juliana and Ekala found Nacha as a puppy, abandoned in the streets. Being that the case, we brought her to safety, where she was given medical attention and love. She lived with Juliana’s grandfather for a long time, but when he passed away, she came to our sanctuary. Nacha loves to be with humans and […]


Amba is a kitten born in the sanctuary, along with her sister Ambika. They are daughters of an older cat that was rescued by us a long time ago. They have not had any problems, nobody has hurt them and they live very happy in the sanctuary. This is a very special case of which […]

Bo, Male

Bo came to us after he was thrown out of a six story building by some cruel people. He broke both his front legs and was unable to use them. Rescuers abandoned him in a vet; for a month without attention. Then, we heard about him. We gave him the surgery to fix his two […]

Lila, Female.

Lila is our full-of-energy terrier. She was rescued from a bad situation, as she was covered with ticks. Lila spends her days running here and there with her friend Rangy. Flopping on her belly to greet the people who come to visit her. Furthermore, she loves to play fetch, but her favorites are chew toys. […]

Musaka, Male.

Musaka was found in a bathroom, locked with twelve dogs in a space that was not worthy for any living being. All were in very precarious conditions and in a deplorable state of health. Next to Musaka was his brother Gatokasa. Both are currently living in the sanctuary; along with four other dogs that were […]

Caitanya, Male.

Caitanya belongs to a group of albino dogs. There were four in total at the time of the rescue, however Caitanya had the worst status. Being an albino, his skin was completely burned and without any hair. We had to fight hard to rescue him because he would not let himself be touched; until the […]

Gatokasa, Male.

Gatokasa along with his brother Mushaka, were born in a bathroom full of another eleven dogs. For about four years of their lives, they never saw something different to that place. Until Juliana rescued all the thirteen dogs. Gatokasa and his brother, along with the other dogs were smelling terrible. Furthermore, this lasted for months […]

Prema, Female.

Prema is a feisty little dog with the heart of a lion. She is the smallest of our dogs, although she has firmly established herself as the boss. We found her while visiting a city called Medellin, about six hours by car from Bogota, the capital of Colombia. A man took Prema from her original family. […]


Bhima was brought to our sanctuary with his best friend Hidimbi. She was in incredible pain due to a rope tied to her neck, that destroyed it and reached the bone of the windpipe. The person who rescued her brought her to the vet, she was there for days. Then, they noticed this pitbull waiting all […]


Cariñoso came to our sanctuary after being neglected by his previous owner. He had severe skin conditions (lupus)  that had gone untreated for quite a long time. Once he came into our care, we treated his conditions and as they disappeared, his true personality started to show. He has become the sweetheart of our sanctuary, […]


Bombril was found in a town totally alone in a horrible situation, he was just a baby who can’t walk and with infections in his mouth, a friend of mine found him and take him to the sanctuary.   After many tests we found out Bombril have neurological problems and can’t walk properly, he is […]

Sikhandi, Male.

Sikhandi was never rescued, he rescued himself. One day Juliana was walking to the sanctuary, when a little kitten of 3 months started following her; Juliana continued on her way thinking that maybe he was someone’s cat but the cat kept walking behind Juliana for 1 hour, meowing and asking to be taken in arms. […]

Ambika, Female.

Ambika is a kitten born in the sanctuary, along with her sister Amba. They are daughters of an older cat that was rescued by us a long time ago. They have not had any problems, nobody has hurt them and they live very happy in the sanctuary. This is a very special case of which […]

Max, Male.

Max was rescued by Asa, a volunteer who worked for a time in the sanctuary. One day, while Asa and Juliana were returning home, they saw Max abandoned on the road. Both already had knowledge about the dogs that inhabit the area and he was not one of them. Asa made the decision to rescue […]

Rudra, Female

Rudra was found in the street bleeding from her face; Upon examining her, the veterinarian realized that her left eye had no visibility. Apparently, a human hit her very hard. However, this did not affect her appearance and there was no need to take it off. She is one of the cats that most meow […]

Juno Laney Jamuna

Juno Laney Jamuna, Female Jamuna is our beautiful purebred husky. She was rescued after her family leave her sick abandoned in the street. She loves to cuddle with our volunteers and relax in the warm sun. Jamuna is available for sponsorship and adoption. She would be happiest with another fur sibling to spend time with, […]

Eden, female

Eden had to endure the abuse of three men before she was rescued by Juliana. She was raped, foreign objects were forced inside of her, causing permanent damage to her anus and hips. She has had 5 surgeries in the last year, but she recovers faster than any other dog we have. Although she is […]

Jose, male

Jose showed up at our sanctuary doors on Christmas Day in 2016. He loves to cuddle with absolutely everyone and doesn’t hesitate to jump on top of you when you sit down close to him. Jose’s best friends are Bo, Gaurangi and Eden. He spends his days enjoying the sun from on top of his […]

Noshi, female

Noshi was hit by a car and abandoned just like Arjuna. She suffered a broken leg and was in terrible pain. Being that, Juliana rescued her and took her to the vet to get emergency surgery. Therefore, she is now walking again and very happy at the sanctuary. She is a classic beagle, very humble […]

Gaurangi, Female

Juliana’s sister found Gaurangi deep inside a public transit bus in Bogota. In order to help, we searched everywhere for her owner, but it seems she was left there. She loves to lie on her back and get tummy rubs from our visits! She plays with her best friends, Jose and Bo. All in all, […]

Kalindi, Female

We believe Kalindi and Cariñoso are siblings, because they came from the same place, and both have beautiful, soft, black fur. One day Juliana was looking through the window, and saw how many dogs were following Kalindi (she was in heat). Therefore, we came to the rescue.   Kalindi finds her way into everyone’s heart. Especially when […]

Paquita, Female

The first time we encountered this beautiful rabbit, she was going to be slaughtered, along with other five amazing creatures. Therefore we came to the rescue. Paquita is our friendliest rabbit, she jumps up to people when they walk into the rabbit enclosure. We serve her a lot of strawberries, her favorite food. To sum […]

Pavitra, Female

Pavitra, along with our other 5 other rabbits were rescued from the meat industry here in Colombia. She is one of our friendlier rabbits, above all she especially likes to cuddle when it is cool outside. We always cut grass and vegetables to the end that they can have the best nutrition. Therefore, this is […]

Radhika, Female

We rescued Radhika from the clutches of the meat industry, along with four other rabbits. As a result they now live with us, owning their own space. She is the biggest of them all, loves to lie in the sun and cuddle next to the other rabbits. Due to the amount of food and cleaning […]

Binda, the broiler chicken

Binda came to us when she was just a little tinny chick. A kid bought two chickens in front of his school, people paint them with toxic colorants, in order to make them appealing. One of the chicks died, the other one survived. The mother of the child talked with a vegan friend, and he […]

Abby the Chicken

Abby is a very sweet and smart chicken. Two years ago, some family was getting ready to dine her on Christmas. But the universe had different plans for her; Eventually, Juliana found the way to rescuer her, with another three chickens they were about to kill. Now Abby spends her days with other 3 small […]


Meet Loki! He is an adorable pig resident. Sadly, the ‘mini pig’ trend has arrived in Colombia, and many people expect that pigs will stay small, but they do not. The owner of this pig had the same thought; but as he started to grow, it was difficult to care of Loki. Pigs require special […]


This may be impossible to believe, but somebody abandoned this little chihuahua. The mother of our vet saw when someone threw her from a motorcycle in motion; she helped her and kept her in the veterinary. They asked me to take her with us because she was depressed and nobody wanted to adopt her. Now she […]


We found Sasha in the street. But, she was not moving, when we got closer we noticed she was probably hit by a car. Sasha badly broke one leg and there was a lot of blood. Being that the case, we Immediately took her to the vet and performed a surgery to save her leg. […]


Juliana found Ahimsa around ten years ago. He was barely one year old, but he had a necklace that had cut his throat and had reached the trachea; the wound was infected and full of worms. Catching him was very difficult and it took us more than 5 hours; but we did it, and took […]


We rescued Emilio from a very bad case of mange; he lived in the streets and was very dangerous for him. His skin problem took one year to heal, but then we saw that he had another problem in the spine. Hence, we had to do two surgeries so that he could recover completely. At […]


Two years ago, we rescued a cat with a very serious problem in her kidneys. She was an abandoned Siamese cat; she came to us after she got pregnant. Her health was very thin, but she recovered only one month before giving birth; she had 4 babies, 3 girls and one boy. One of them […]

Mama Gata

This is a story that is difficult to tell. Three years ago, we saw a herd of cats in a house where only an old man lived. We asked him for permission to aid the cats with spay/neuter, and take care for them; he told us he was not going to allow it, that he […]


Kunti likes to be the head of the pack, she is always very smart and careful. The first femur surgery made on a a hen in South America, was done to her. It was a success! Kunti was rescued when she was a baby and now she is 4 years old. Please consider sponsoring Kunti!

Ben the rooster

Ben shares his area with Rey and they both have exactly the same personality: they are crazy! He wants to eat all the food that is possible, they jump on us and bite our feet, they are very independent and smart. Ben is also three years old. Please consider sponsoring Ben! Sponsor Ben the rooster […]

Rey the chicken

Rey is three years old and is Ben’s best friend. We call her the crazy chicken because she always chases us and wants to bite us; sometimes she does not let us enter her zone and we must ask for permission, and always enter with food. We love her independent personality. Please consider sponsoring Rey! […]

Tatiana the chicken

Tatiana the chicken made her own way to the sanctuary. It is one of many stories we have in the sanctuary, one day we were feeding the protected hens of the sanctuary and, when the door of the chicken area was opened, a chicken arrived from nowhere and entered that area, and never wanted to […]

Leia the chicken

Leia is the hen of the first chicken area. She is the first one that receives the food therefore when one of our volunteers go inside to feed her, she jumps immediately into the food store thinking that she can eat it all. Leia is one and a half years old and shares her area with […]

Peter Pig

The rescue of Peter in the words of his rescuer I jumped off the motorcycle and approached him and managed to pull the plastic bag out of his throat and stop him from choking. He quickly ran off! I ran after him through disgusting polluted puddles, garbage and mud until he arrived to his mom. […]

Krishna the kitty

Krsna was rescued from a car workshop, he is just 2 months old, he was very sick, with an extreme infection on his eyes and sadly he has AIDS. But he has a good spirit; he wants to play, to have fun and he wants to live. Hence here we are for him to give […]


She was alone, no moving in a corner in the street, some blood coming from her anus, totally dirty, not aggressive, like looking for help. She was taken immediately to the veterinary, after many tests we find out she had broken a hip, parasites, malnutrition, and thanks to the flies a very weak immune system. […]

Natasha, the cat with broken Spine.

A car run over Natasha and then someone put her in the garbage. The car broke her spine in half and she may never walk again, anyway she still need surgery to out the spine in order, she has broken knees also. This is the normal day in my country, we only can save the […]


Govinda and Juliana have a very special relationship. He was rescued when he was just 2 weeks old and came to us sick and without feathers, with lots of care and love Govinda now is the stronger bigger rooster in our rooster community, he is VERY dominant, but no with Juliana, when he is with […]


Our patreons already know, and now it is public. Say Hi to our new resident Chandra Aurora, she is sweet, crazy and like all girls, she just wants to have fun! The dairy and meat industry reproduce animals to satisfy human’s tongue. This 8 month-old baby was about to be impregnated by her father! Insane! […]


Please welcome Simon! Our Patreons knew first and now we want to share with each of you. Simon was rescued by the father of a friend of the sanctuary who saw him in a town in the street for many days without water, just eating grass, He was tied to a pole, suffering the cold […]


Our patreons and donors already know! Say Hi to our dear Libertad. Libertad (which means freedom in Spanish) was rescued by a couple of good friends who couldn’t turn their face to her pain. She was living on the farm of the mother of one of them, but it was not a “safe” place because […]

Vani Fiore Llama

This baby llama came to us at just 2 days old. Her former “owner” has a farm where they breed llamas for wool or entertainment, but she was born blind so they decided to kill her. Fortunately, one of our vets was there at that moment and called me to ask if we can take […]


The meat industry is evil, the mother of this angel was very sick and all her babies were born dead, only this tinny baby survived, and you may think: yay life is life! But that is not what meat industry have in their mind, the put him in spaces ready to grow him to be […]


    Paula Shakira was sold as a mini pig that would not pass a certain weight, but the animal seller always lies, in the end, all he wants is to abuse them. Paula Shakira grew and grew, her human mother had to make a trip to Spain and could not stay with her, could […]


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