Sponsoring an Animal for Someone is a Way Cool Gift

AnimalSponsorADChristmas and the holiday season should not be an excuse to accumulate more things or gift something mundane as a show of one’s love for another. Yes, gifting is one of the ways we express our love, but the quality of the love being expressed is very much tied to the quality of the gift being given. Now when I say “quality” I am not referring to the material quality of a thing — the brand name, etc — I am referring to the ethical quality of something.

For example, rather than gifting a pair of cool-looking Ugg boots to your teenager because all the cool kids are wearing them, choose the vegan equivalent that is just as nice looking and sturdy and yet a quarter of the price. Moreover, you will be sending a message to them that it is very uncool to wear the skin of a tortured animal. That is responsible parenting at its best.

On that note, with all the fun and laughter that comes with these holiday celebrations, it is easy to forget about the pain and suffering endured by tens of millions of animals at this time, many of whom end up on dinner plates. One practical way to change this is by sponsoring an animal on behalf of your loved one. Now that is a very cool and unique gift and it is as easy as clicking our sponsorship button.

What They Will Get

Every sponsor will receive a high-quality digital photo of the animal they sponsored, along with a Sponsor Certificate. Their email will be added to our mailing list and we will update them on the health and activities of their animal.

STEP 1: Choose your animal

STEP: 2: Tell us the name of the person you want to gift this sponsorship to

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Name of Sponsor

That’s it and you are one step closer to being the parent of the year award!