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When you sponsor a cow for just $30 a month, you will provide all food and care,

vet expenses, support maintaining fences and planting grass.

There are only two human caretakers for these lovely animals, and we are both volunteers. 

Taking care of two cows is hard and time-consuming work.  Our cows, Gita and Balarama need your support!

Your $30 monthly pledge will guarantee one of the animals a happy and care-free life.

Sponsor Gita the Cow


Gita is 9 years old. We rescued her when she was one. Unfortunately, she was tortured with electroshock to make her obedient, so she now has a rebellious nature and does what she pleases. When people go to visit her, she hides behind the trees and believes that no one is seeing her. When we take her to the barn, however, she gets happy and dances around. She can jump very high and so we have to build very high fences to keep her safe.

Sponsor Balarama the Ox


Balarama is 8 years old. He was rescued at birth, so he does not know about the cruelty of humans. He is a very sweet bullock who loves being kissed and hugged, and dances when people visit him. He loves salt treats and eats lots of grass. He is a very big boy, his shoulders are over 6 feet from the ground!

There are many ways to help. Remember, we have 21 Dogs, 7 Cats, 1 rabbit, 1 lab rat, 1 rooster, 1 dove and 1 horse, too!126075166770 DSC05854 DSC05854 DSC05854 DSC05854

You can help with a monthly recurring donation or a one-time donation:

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