Whether you help at our sanctuary located in the magic Andes Mountains in South America, or you help our project from the comfort of your home, you’ll make a real difference in the lives of homeless animals, meet others who love animals, and have lots of fun!

Virtual Volunteering

The following opportunities are available to apply for:

On-site Volunteer

On any farm, there is always work to do, and our sanctuary is no different. Volunteers can come here for a day or even stay a few days in our guest room (with an approved booking) and help us with the daily duties of maintaining our farm and caring for the animals. You can learn so much on the job, and our expert animal caretaker, Ekala, will be happy to share his animal care wisdom.

Immerse in the culture and way of life in Colombia while helping rescued animals at an animal sanctuary, one of two located in South America. Juliana’s Animal Sanctuary – Food Yoga Academy is an all-vegan sanctuary offering courses in Spanish, vegan cooking, food yoga, and spirituality. This animal sanctuary is the place to visit for those who want to experience a lovely part of Colombia in the Andes Mountains, living among rescued animals and friendly people.


Volunteering means working hard which means we get up early and sometimes have to go to bed late. Our hands and clothes are always dirty, and we must always be ready to receive instructions and carry them out in the best way possible. Volunteering does not mean a holiday.

If you are looking to take a vacation in the sanctuary, later we will have our retirement programs which will be vacations.

The cost of the volunteer program is to cover the common expenses of living in the sanctuary (water, electricity, gas, internet, cleaning of your room, etc.)

If you plan to volunteer for more than one month please contact us to give you a lower rate.


  • Must be 18 years or over
  • Must practice a vegan diet while at the sanctuary
  • Pay your own return airfare
  • Able to carry out tasks of a physical nature
  • Reliable, honest, and hardworking
  • Be comfortable and loving with all the animals
  • Respect the peaceful environment at the sanctuary
  • Provide references from organizations you have volunteered with before or from your current employer
  • Help to maintain buildings and fences
  • Be able to work cooperatively with other volunteers

Duties may include:

  • Cleaning out kitty litter trays & bedding; poo patrol
  • Raking – keeping all pathways clear & presentable
  • Sorting & assisting with feeding as required
  • Feeding the animals
  • Cleaning the animal shelters
  • Collecting cow manure
  • Working in the organic garden
  • Fixing fences
  • Playing with the dogs
  • Walking the dogs
  • Brushing the animals
  • Socializing – on an ad hoc basis with new residents as required If you are interested in joining our team of regularly committed volunteers, we would dearly love to hear from you.
  • Advocating for veganism
  • Assisting in maintaining records for each individual animal
  • Contributing content for social media and website

Please fill in the Volunteer Application form first. After approval, you will be interviewed by our volunteer coordinator, and then you can book your volunteer package.




Program Duration

1 or 2 Weeks




Program Fees Include:

Accommodation ( si eres de Colombia o Sur America contactanos antes para planes diferentes)

We have two guest rooms, both with private bathrooms, available for our volunteers and guests.

Each room has two single beds and private bathroom/shower.

IMPORTANT: Before booking, please confirm availability of the dates


Why is our plans a minimum of one week? Because the training lasts a minimum of 3 days.

BASIC PLAN: $25 per day (per person) includes a shared (two beds) room with shower.

How many weeks?

You will have access to all the house, including the kitchen to make things for yourself. The kitchen is fully equipped.

Remote Volunteer Opportunity

  • We need graphic designers and people who know how to create nice videos.
  • We need someone who can help us reach more people with our message so our work can be known everywhere in the world.

Fundraising Ideas

You can help our project from your place and help us to help more animals

  • Donate
  • Make a tax-deductible donation
  • Sign up as a regular donor or sponsor an animal and encourage your friends to do the same
  • Donate in memory of a loved one


  • Celebrate your birthday, wedding or another special day by asking your friends and loved ones to sponsor an amazing animal in your name
  • Give to Juliana’s Animal Sanctuary as gifts to others
  • Have your workplace sponsor our lovely animals. Each team or unit could choose a different animal
  • Collect spare change at home or work
  • Collect spare change in your home, e.g. create a swear jar
  • Keep a Juliana’s Animal Sanctuary collection tin in your workplace or business
  • Ask a business you know to keep a collection tin in their shop (they will need to complete a short Collection Tin Agreement)
  • Create your own raffle and sell tickets at work or at your fundraising events

Host your own fundraiser

Hosting a fundraising event is a great way to raise money. Get together with your friends, family or work colleagues and host a:

  • Cocktail party, dinner, vegan BBQ or food and wine tasting – whatever you and your friends enjoy.
  • Movie screening, or games or trivia night. (You could even add a raffle or silent auction to any of these proceedings.)
  • Hold a vegan bake sale
  • Hold an art/photographic exhibition
  • Hold a cruelty-free cooking competition, like master chef
  • Hold a party night and sell cruelty-free products
  • Participate in a challenge
  • Create your own fundraising page to raise funds with the help of your friends through e-mail and your social networks. Ask them to sponsor you for participating in a challenge, some ideas include:
  • A physical challenge such as a marathon, walkathon (with your pets), danceathon or ride-a-thon – join a public event or create your own with some friends
  • Give up something for a month and donate the money saved. Ask others to join in and give up their morning soy latte, for example
  • Find people to sponsor you to shave your head or dye your hair a bright color

For schools

  • Hold a movie or dance night
  • Have a free dress day
  • Hold a fashion show with clothes donated from your parent’s wardrobe (with their permission, of course!)


25 Responses

  1. Yadira Belran

    Yo soy diseñadora gráfica y podría ofrecer mi servicios voluntarios para eso. Déjenme saber si necesitan mi ayuda, siempre he sentido gran respeto y amor por los animales.

    • Juliana Castaneda

      Hola yadira. Muchisimas gracias! Claro que necesitamos de tu ayuda, puedes por favor escribirnos a juliana@paramatmafarm.org y asi quedo con tu email y nos comenzamos a comunicar ahi. Muchisimas gracias. un abrazo

  2. Nathaniel hitchcock

    My family and I are interested in visiting. Are children welcome?

  3. Jessica Blanchart

    Hola Juliana,
    Que Pena te mande un email hace unos días para organizar un visite, pero no recibí una repuesta. No vivo en Colombia y estoy aquí por corto tiempo, me gustaría visitar por 3 días, espero que lees esta email.

  4. alexandra

    Hi, where are you located? I am in Bogota but can not find your address online!

    • Paul Rodney Turner

      We are about 40 minutes from Bogota.

  5. Samantha


    I am interested in your retreat program. Where is the information? 🙂


    • Paul Rodney Turner

      We are still working out the details for the retreats. We have been so busy setting up the new sanctuary and getting settled. Please subscribe to our newsletter so that you learn about the retreats when we are ready to announce them.

  6. Gill Hibbitt

    Thanks for your reply Juliana.
    I’d like to volunteer from Sunday 16 th for 2 weeks if poss.

    Thank you

  7. Sonya Williams

    Hello, my name is Sonya Williams. I am very interested in learning more about how i can become involved with your program. I would like to be able to come to stay during the month of July.

    • Paul Rodney Turner

      Hi Sonya,
      You are very welcome to come and stay with us. We always need help here and Colombia is a lovely country to visit. What would you like to know?

    • Juliana Castaneda

      Hello Sonya, great! Please send us a message with more info about you and your desire to volunteer

  8. Alexa

    Hello, I would like to come help for one week. I see that people who live in Colombia have different accommodations. Can you please tell me about that? Thank you for doing something so amazing!

    • Paul Rodney Turner

      Hi Alexa, we have guest rooms so you are welcome to visit. You just have to book it.

  9. Constanza

    Hola! Cuál es el plan especial por quedarse más de un mes? En qué consiste?
    Muchas gracias!!

  10. Camila

    Hola! yo soy artista y empezaré a estudiar diseño de escenarios. vivo en Medellín y me encataría hacer un voluntariado con ustedes!

    • Juliana Castaneda

      HOla, te acabamos de enviar un email

  11. Daniela

    Hola Juliana!

    Hace un año te escribí interesada en el voluntariado, quedamos en hablar pero la comunicación se cortó ahí.
    Estuve viviendo un tiempo afuera del país y ahora estoy de regreso otra vez interesada en ser voluntaria en tu granja.

    Mucho ánimo con tu labor, espero me contactes si crees que haya algo en lo que pueda ayudar. 🙂

  12. Valeria

    Hola! Estoy interesada en realizar un voluntariado. Vivo en Bogotá entonces quisiera conocer precios y acomodación.

  13. Fabiola Gonzalez

    Hi Juliana,
    I am moving to Colombia with my wife and dog Chewbacca in May 2019, I have been searching to be apart of an awesome team of people who share similar beliefs. I am interested in becoming a permanent volunteer, I am going to school to become a Holistic Health Coach and I am getting training on social media/ business through IIN. If I can be of any assistance to you and the animals please let me know. I am great with communicating on paper and in person, and I am looking to change the world one step at a time. I am also vegan, an advocate for the vegan lifestyle, and I am passionate about helping people and animals.

    I also wanted to know if my dog would be allowed to visit, and wanted information on becoming a permanent volunteer. How much it would be to visit etc.?