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A Well-Fed World

This U.S.-based organization helped us in times of need with food, medicine and support for our operations and legal fees. www.awfw.org

Food For Life Global

This international organization helped us in 2013 and 2014 to continue our service by providing funds for food for the animals as well as managing our fundraising campaign, website and social media. www.ffl.org

Buddha B Yoga Studio

This yoga studio based in Washington DC raised funds to help us relocate to a new property in 2014. www.buddhabyoga.com

Indraloka Sanctuary

This sanctuary kindly donated funds during our last IndieGoGo campaign to help us reach our goal. https://indralokaanimalsanctuary.wordpress.com/

Fundación amigos del planeta

Amigos del planeta foundation regularly donates food for our dogs. http://www.amigosdelplaneta.com/en/

Colmallas s.a.

Colmallas SA donated fencing and materials for the shelter.