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For animals like Balarama, the "gentle giant", Juliana's Animal Sanctuary is a beacon of hope.

You can help continue this important service of rescuing and protecting animals and teaching the public about the social, climatic, economic, and health advantages of a plant-based diet.

Our animal sanctuary, located in the Andes Mountains of Colombia, was recently given an honorable mention for the protection and defense of animals in Colombia, by the Bogota council and received the prestigious 2021 Most Oustanding International Sanctuary by the Global Federation of Farm Sanctuaries. We are a few volunteers who have dedicated ourselves to caring for rescued animals, including dogs, cats, pigs, goats, rabbits, a horse, cows, bullocks, along with educating people about how and why we have to respect animals and adopt a plant-based diet. We do this practically by showing how beautiful they are and how similar they are to us.

We believe that humanity at large has lost connection with animals and now only sees them as objects. Once people get connected with animals again, especially farm animals, by hugging them and spending time with them in a natural and peaceful environment, they come away happier and with a fresh new perspective on life. Animals are just like us — they want to love, peace, freedom, respect, and friendship.

Your Support Makes for a
Great Life for
our Rescued Animals

Your Support Makes a Great Life for
our Rescued Animals Possible


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