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Read about the animals that we rescue in our vegan animal shelter and the people who help us


A few days ago, we spotted a pregnant stray dog in the area but were unable to help her at ...
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La gran masacre

18000 vacas murieron en un incendio en el estado de Texas, cerca de la ciudad de Dimmit. Estaban destinadas para ...
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Plant-based beverages in Colombia

Plant-based milk options have been increasing throughout the world, now it is easy to find any option in various markets ...
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New rescue dog Kramer

Kramer, a very small dog who was run over near the sanctuary, the accident broke his hip and femur, we ...
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EMERGENCY!! 126 Rescued birds

‼️ EMERGENCY RESCUE ‼️ Few days ago we were behind the rescue of 126 quail. Their situation was hellish, they ...
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Platero the Donkey

Platero was rescued 4 days ago by a friend from the sanctuary named Andrea, Andrea called us immediately to ask ...
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Honorable Mention for the Defense and Protection of Animals

Juliana's Animal Sanctuary was awarded with the Honorable Mention for the Defense and Protection of animals, for the first time ...
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dogs - Juliana animal sanctuary

About all the dogs at the Juliana’s Animal Sanctuary

We don’t know why all the dogs at the sanctuary like to be on top of their houses. We have ...
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pig farm sanctuary

Juanito is doing well

Juanito is doing so well and has turned out to be an excellent host who receives all of our visitors ...

How you can help a farmed animals? Why you should help them?

Farm animals are kept in dirty and cramped cages in factory farms all over the world, where their physical activity ...
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