The Story of Sal


I don’t know what to say. I feel like I can’t leave the house. I’m always afraid I’m going to find animals that desperately need help.

Driving to the town from the sanctuary we saw this dog looking weird, and walking weird like totally lost. We stopped the car to...Read More »

Dog Found Abandoned, Tied to a Post, and Run Over by a Car

The day we took him to the vet


It is not easy for me to write these stories. Sadly this is very common in our country. There are many more dogs in this same situation who have not received help.

This beautiful dog...Read More »

Support the Fixing of the Cow Barns

It was 11 years ago that we opened the sanctuary doors and brought our very first resident to her new home where she would find love and protection. Gita came from a slaughterhouse where there were many attempts to slaughter her. Because she would not let anyone near her and...Read More »

Support Renovations for the Senior Dogs Area

Hi friends!

Here at Juliana’s Animal Sanctuary, we love old dogs. They’re slow-moving, a little graying, sometimes wobbly, and usually sleeping. They’re full of contentment, living their last years worry-free, away from animal abusers and years they spent fending for themselves.


They enjoy a very nice area that connects to the...Read More »

Fixing the Pigs' Fences

Hello friends,
We wanted to give you an update on Perla and Poldark! For those who are not familiar with their story, Perla was found in a garbage can when she was only 6 weeks old and had a broken leg. Poldark was transferred from another animal sanctuary that closed its...Read More »

He is Just a Puppy Who Wants a New Life


We alerted our supporters recently about an abandoned puppy the other day that had lost 80% of his hair.

He had sores and burns all over his body. We rescued him and he is now getting special treatment by our full-time veterinary,...Read More »

Vegan T-shirt for Everyone!

Christmas is only a few weeks away! Buy a vegan t-shirt for that special vegan in your life and all proceeds will go straight to helping animals at Juliana’s Animal Sanctuary (with a sanctuary logo on the back of each shirt)! Ships from Virginia.

Read More »

Old dog Hit by a car paralyzed

Four days ago a woman recorded a video of an old dog in a park who was hit by a car and was totally paralyzed and in obvious pain. Instead of helping him or taking him to the vet, bystanders filmed...Read More »

He was thrown out of a 6 story window

Two women saw a man toss him out of his apartment, laughing, watched as he flew through the air and tried to catch himself with his front legs, which shattered.

In Colombia, you have to have video proof that someone abused an animal, and it took us 10 years...Read More »

This two best friends deserve the best


You may want to know why a farm animal sanctuary is also helping dogs and cats? The number of abandoned dogs and cats in our country is enormous, you can find around 5 abandoned dogs per street. Just in the capital alone, it is estimated that there are around...Read More »

Bullfighting back to Colombia


Video By Dev Raccord

Two weeks ago for the first time in 4 years a bullfight was held in Bogota. The newly elected mayor decided to bring back the event and the people were furious. It...Read More »

sweet starving street dog raped and beaten!

Friends, brace yourselves for the latest rescue. This little girl is probably about 5 years old, she has been living on the streets struggling to find food and avoid cars,...Read More »

Aurora, the gentle pit bull with the evil owner

Aurora came to us for help.

She had been horribly abused by her owners in a nearby farm. We noticed that he uterus was badly damaged and hanging out. We took her to the vet and discovered that she had been raped by humans!

We did surgery to repair her wounds...Read More »


Paul, Juliana and our new volunteer Asa went into town and on their way, they came across a heartbreaking sight. There was a scared dog following cars, looking for his owners who had likely abandoned him.

The local dogs were attacking him because he was not a street dog from their...Read More »

We have news, Small BUT big news!

Let me introduce you to this little boy. He is just 6 days old and lost his mother a few seconds after he was born. His name is Gopal and he is the sweetest little guy.

Our Volunteer Jamie called him Feeney, and his middle name is “Gopal” a name...Read More »

Rescue of Poldark the little pig


We received a call from some vegans who own a dog rescue with a little injured pig. (One of our donors named him Poldark) Poldark was kicked in the face by their horse and suffered a broken jaw! Poor Poldark couldn’t eat or drink or even close his mouth...Read More »

Abandoned Husky

We went back to the old farm to get a few things and you won’t believe what we found. This beautiful husky tied to our old front door, looking so dejected! She was very sick so we rushed her to the vet and it turned out she had a bad...Read More »

Newly rescued burned puppy is now happy and safe

He is a little black and white male we found wandering the streets with horribly painful burns — likely the result of someone throwing scalding hot water on him. We rushed him to the vet and got him on pain-relief medication immediately. He would cry out at the slightest touch. We...Read More »

Abandoned puppies need help and a home

This morning my little sister went out to feed the chickens and came across a sack. Inside it we found four abandoned puppies, likely from a neighbor of ours. They were weak and covered in fleas, probably only 5 weeks old. We rushed them to the vet and were happy...Read More »

Rescued Calf and Puppy Are Inseparable: 'They Loved Each Other From Day One'

INSIDE EDITION aired a video report on our two new rescues, Bernie and Sri Ram.

United by their traumatic pasts, this calf and puppy have become unlikely best friends.

The 5-month-old puppy and 3-month-old calf have been inseparable since they were both rescued and taken to Juliana’s Animal Sanctuary in Colombia.

Rescue co-founder...Read More »

The hard part

Clyde the rabbit


I’ve always said that I love that my life is dedicated to the happiness of animals and my animal sanctuary.
Having an animal sanctuary is not easy, it’s a pretty complicated, but this has been my dream since I was 11 years...Read More »

There are more than 900,000 street dogs in our capital city

3 days ago our two founders were recording a video about the situation for street dogs here in our country. They were filming just a few scenes when they came across a mother dog in the middle of the street feeding two puppies. Juliana did some investigating and found that the puppies...Read More »

Volunteers Reviews

We love our volunteers! they are an important part for our project.




Connecting with lovely animals in a beautiful location

Read More »

The Rainbow Bridge 2015

In 2015, some of our beloved animals passed away. Some abandoned animals don’t survive the mistreatment they receive in the streets, while others, although living a happy and safe life at our sanctuary, eventually succumb to old age. In 2015, we lost our rat, Tabata. She lived for 4 and...Read More »

The passing of Bhisma, the oldest dog in our sanctuary.

Bhisma 8 years ago, 2 weeks after we rescued him and after a good shower
My dear Bhisma,
My eternal baby, my mama’s boy.
The time has come and your eyes will not return to me. I remember the first day that my eyes...Read More »

LUCY The Rabbit

Lucy now
Angora rabbits squeal like humans. As humans yank their long haired fur by hand, the rabbit screams and shivers, however the pulling continues. The rabbit's skin is left raw, and so pink that the skin turns into a scarlet color....Read More »

Pola's Organic Vegan Gourmet Breakfast

Every day our newest rescue, Pola, the “freedom-fighting pig” gets a gourmet breakfast of dried alfalfa, mango, pumpkin juice and pulp, apples, bananas, guava and carrots, prepared lovingly by Juliana. She relishes the healthy start to the day and we can see a spring in her step now as she...Read More »

Pola the Pig Rescued After 8 Years of Living Hell


by , August 23, 2015

Pola the freedom-fighting pig was rescued from a horrible living situation in Colombia not once, but twice. Hers is a tragic tale but ends well, and the woman responsible for saving Pola is...Read More »

Pola the "freedom fighting" pig is saved from hell

Pola, the “freedom-fighting pig” is the newest member of Juliana’s Animal Sanctuary — the only sanctuary in Colombia.

For the last 8 years, Pola was living in utter filth, amongst 180 uncaged hungry dogs who constantly harassed her and sometimes tried to tear pieces of flesh from her body. Sadly, they...Read More »

Perla the piglet gets a 2nd Chance

Perla was found in a trash bin and brought to Juliana’s Animal Sanctuary in Colombia. She had a broken leg, but with a little love and care, she is recovering and has been given a second chance.

To support the work of Juliana’s Animal Sanctuary, visit:

Or support our new crowdfunding...Read More »

New 700lb rescued pig


Pola was so excited for her new pool that she broke it. We need to get her a new one now.

A few days ago we received an emergency call from a friendly organization, Amigos Del Planeta (Friends of the Planet) that...Read More »

New Chickens and Stray Dogs at Juliana's Animal Sanctuary

Juliana and some of the dogs who belong to our neighbor that doesn’t provide food or shelter to them. Their names are Petunio, Zeus and Condor.

The last two months we have been working on sterilization for some street dogs and cats...Read More »

Yudhi, A dog in Nepal.


Yudhi, A beautiful dog in Nepal


I was in Nepal for 14 days because my husband was given a “Food Yoga” retreat and I was helping him with 3 workshops (Angel Therapy, Reiki for humans and animals, and aromatherapy for humans and...Read More »

New protected cow in Colombia!

Nandini and her new family


Nandini is a calf who was born in a Colombian slaughterhouse. Her life was scheduled to end 24 hours into being brought into the world. Her mother, Govinda #244, was in line waiting to be murdered when...Read More »

New Kitten Found


From the first  day we arrived at our new farm, we started feeding a family of 4 dogs (we call the white family) plus 3 cats. After 4 months of feeding this small family we discovered that...Read More »

Our rabbits and rooster get a new home

Our rescued ex-fighting cock, Gayatri, and Anil (AKA Mr Chow) and Clyde the rabbits have a new home. They were rescued from a horrible situation but are now safe and happy in our sanctuary. I want to educate and help people connect with animals. Please help us and share our message.

Check...Read More »

Help me save animals in the Andes Mountains - new video

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Chucho Merchan Endorses Paramatma Farm

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Read More »

Balarama, the gentle giant


Balarama really is a giant. When standing his shoulders are close 6 feet high and he must weigh well over 1500 pounds, and yet, he is the sweetest thing. He is my ‘big boy’ and I love him so much. You’ll notice that he has a very distinctive mark on...Read More »

Bhisma, the happy old dog

This is Bhisma doing a funny face for the photo. Bhisma is 18 years old, and is our oldest dog in the sanctuary.

Bhisma’s original owner had him since birth, but one day he became so poor that he had to move from where he was living and take Bhisma to another house far away....Read More »

Prema, the heart of a lion

Prema is a feisty little dog with the heart of a lion. She is the smallest of our dogs but has firmly established herself as the “boss.” Prema was actually stolen when we came across her while visiting a city called Medellin, about 12 hours by car from Bogota, the capital...Read More »

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