About all the dogs at the Juliana’s Animal Sanctuary

dogs - Juliana animal sanctuary

We don’t know why all the dogs at the sanctuary like to be on top of their houses. We have more than 30 dogs, and many of them are seniors, they have lots of space to play and take in sunshine. 90% of them are not available for adoption, because they have some disabilities or need special treatment or needs and our co-founder, @ekalart, is expert on this, and he gives the best care. Here, you can see Pimienta (pepper) and one of her daughters Jambu (purple). We rescued the whole family together, and two of them were lucky enough to find their forever home in Canada. We need all your support – please, please, please. This world situation is affecting us greatly, and we need all your help! You can become a Patreon and donate just from $1 at month. once you do it please nominate 3 friends to do the same! Check the link in our bio and look for Patreon 😘