A few days ago, we spotted a pregnant stray dog in the area but were unable to help her at the time, so we informed the neighbors that if they saw her, they should let us know because we were very worried. As you know, we are a sanctuary dedicated to helping animals, primarily known as farm animals. Although we have rescued more than 30 dogs, our financial situation does not allow us to help more animals for now, we focusing in give the best to the ones we have here, basically because they care depends 80% on my personal finances, we received very little donations and people is canceling donations almost daily. That afternoon, we received a call from a neighbor who informed us that the dog had entered her garden and that we could come and pick her up. We immediately took her to the veterinarian, where the necessary tests were performed. We discovered that she had already given birth and was in a severe state of malnutrition. We bathed her and brought her home to begin searching for the puppies. The next day, she led us to a terrible place where she was taken from us and immediately chained up, as you can see. Legally, we couldn’t do anything, and we returned home heartbroken. Minutes later, we went back to the site with our veterinarian who, very cleverly, convinced the person who had the dog and her two puppies to hand them over to us to provide help, and we succeeded. The dog and her puppies are now happy with us, but they are very ill and need all the help we can provide. The medical expenses are very high, as are the costs for their special meals. We ask you to please help us with the medical and care expenses this time, I can’t do it alone, I need all your support.