Platero the Donkey


Platero was rescued 4 days ago by a friend from the sanctuary named Andrea, Andrea called us immediately to ask for help with a donkey who was paralyzed after hitting the back of his head in a fall while was tied to a tree, from the moment of that call we started to work on rescuing him. Platero arrived at the sanctuary and was immediately treated by all our veterinarians and is in treatment and in the process of recovery.

Platero has an inflammation that in a way disconnects the neck from his body, and this doesn’t let him get up by himself, he is in good mood and fighting with all his strength, so we are going to fight all together for him.

It is going to be a long process but with everyone’s help, we will succeed.

His state at this time is reserved but we have a lot of hope. We need to build a special area for him and cover veterinary and medical expenses, we are counting on you

We approximate $3,000 in expenses, we need all your help, this is an emergency.



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