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This mare was literally dying in front of a bunch of people

Last week we received a call from another organization in a nearby town about a mare who was lying on the ground dying of malnutrition and pain because of the treatment her abusers gave her

How we found her

Her name was Lucresia and she was dying of abuse and starvation.

We immediately sent our vets to where she was laying but it took several hours before she was strong enough to stand.

All of her ribs and hip bones were visible because she was suffering from such extreme starvation.

Finally, after hours of tense work, we were able to get her safely to the sanctuary and could treat her infection and abuse wounds.

Lucre, as we call her now, is at the equine hospital the special team of veterinaries there is working every day to regain her health and strength – already putting on 12kg (24.4lbs)! But they are very clear will take a few years to get the right weight, she is in high spirits and ready to pull herself together to enjoy her newfound freedom.

As you can imagine, the veterinary expenses in the hospital have been high, at this moment our account exceeds $3,000 and soon Lucresia will arrive at the sanctuary there we will have to adapt special areas for her. We need all your help.