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🚨new rescue 🚨

This baby llama came to us with just 2 days old, her former “owner” has a farm where they breed alpaca for wool or entertainment, but she was born blind and they decide to kill her, one of our vets was there in that moment and called me to ask him if we can take her, so we went to meet her and take her to the sanctuary.

She can’t see now but our vet said with the right treatment she will recover her eyes, she is very underweight and needs a lot of medicine and food and we need your support, we can’t do it alone.

[embedyt] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OYezw8pIN8A[/embedyt]

We named her Fiora Javiera in honor to someone who liberated slaves in our country Colombia. We need to buy milk, medicine, vet check, and at some point build shelter and fences for her.


The cost of her daily milk is about $8, and we need your urgent help because that is a big cost for us and we need around 2 months to feed her with milk.

To maintain her we need 4 sponsors of $5, or 2 of $10 At least for her food, we are in debt with medical bills, we have more than 130 animals, this is an emergency, please

You can Sponsor Fiora here:

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