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Home URGENT: Hurricane Iota Relief

These pigs were abandoned in the midst of the chaos, completely adrift.

save these pigs
Hurricane Iota, a severe category 5 storm, has devastated the area of the San Andrés archipelago, which includes the Colombian islands of Providencia and Santa Catalina. With barely enough resources, the Colombian government is busy addressing humanitarian needs as a priority.

This means animals inhabiting these islands are completely neglected.

Pigs are capable of a wide range of emotions. We can only imagine how scared and fearful they must be with their world turned upside down.
Several of them have very serious health conditions, so we need to act quickly as they are in grave danger of being slaughtered.

Our Sanctuary has already provided refuge for more animals in 2020 than ever before, severely straining our finances. But we won’t turn our back on these animals. Together we are their last hope.