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(Please send an email to contact@julianasanimalsanctuary.org after you donate with the photo of the animal you want, Subject: Illustration)


You will get a beauty like thisYou will get a beauty like this

Life is tough and uncertain right now, but we are tougher! We are so happy to announce an amazing way to get you involved and motivated to help our sanctuary keep up with bills during this rough pandemic.

How would you feel if we told you that you can donate to us and in reward, you will receive an amazing work of art?

Well, your wish is our command because we are collaborating with the incredible and talented @buzzcutart.

For $20 USD or more, she will illustrate any animal you want and donate 50% to the animals at the sanctuary! Think of the friend who’s no longer with you, your most liked rescued animal from the sanctuary, or even your favorite animal in the whole world and she can create a beautiful piece of art for you.

For your contribution, you will receive a high-resolution digital artwork that you can print and hang up.

Please consider this unique opportunity to support the sanctuary during these tough times.

It is not easy to find food for the animals these days and when we do it is way more expensive. For example, the hay is now double the usual price. We also had to close our dog daycare (new project) because our customers were canceling because of the Covad-19 quarantine, so nobody needs our services.

This daycare service was our main source of income and now we have nothing, so we are totally dependent on your support at this critical time.

What are you waiting for?