She is someone not something, they belong to our hearts, but that doesn’t mean we are their owners. You may thing that we are the ones who take care of them, but we take care of each other. That is what family does. I wish the world can see animals like animals and not like objects, at the end, we all are animals, just different bodies. I feel the world is demanding to change the way we see everything. 💚 ...

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Healthy, vegans and abundant breakfast for the younger piggy at the sanctuary. Varaha is growing very fast! He is a very good boy, he knows how to follow instructions and is very peaceful. He is here to say to the world, I am a friend, not food! 💚 ...

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We named her Draupadi. For those who don’t know her story, we don’t know from where she came, but she hid in Juanito’s area, made a nest there, and we found out about her few days after because we noticed Juanito was acting weird. Now she is safe with her baby at the sanctuary, do you feel that happiness in this video?
Do you want to help this little family? Check the link in our bio and become a Patreon! You can help from $1 at month 💖

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(Watch to the end) Libertad!!!!! I love to call her name ( freedom in Spanish) just to by calling her she reminds me what is my AIM, what I am here for, what I want for this world. Libertad is giving more to me than what I can give to her, and I feel she knows that. To touch her, to share with her, to feel her, she is teaching me all about forgiveness, about respect, about love. I wish everyone can see animals in the only way should be: respect and love.
Gracias Liber 🐮💖

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We don’t know why all the dogs at the sanctuary likes to be in top of their houses. We have more than 30 dogs, big part are seniors, they have big areas to play and take the sun. 90% of them are not available for adoption because they have some disabilities or they need special treatment or needs and our co founder @ekalart is expert on this and he gives the best care. You can see here Pimienta ( pepper) and one of her daughters Jambu ( purple). We rescued all this family together, two of them were lucky enough to find their forever home in Canada. We need all your support please please please. This world situation is affecting us and we need all your help, you can become a Patreon and donate just from $1 at month. once you do it please nominate 3 friends to do the same! Check the link in our bio and look for Patreon 😘 ...

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You can raise healthy kids without dairy. This is one strong, healthy boy!
#dairyisscary #dairyfree #ditchdairy

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I know you want to know what she is saying , let me translate to you: “ Hi everyone, I am Vani Fiore, I was rescued when I was just 3 days old. I live in @julianasanimalsanctuary with other 120 rescued animals. My mom @juli_jags was running some Bussines to keep everyone here and cover more than 50% of all the needs of the rescued animals BUT we are in mandatory quarantine until June, so we closed the business for a few months, this is where we need your help and it is very easy. The easiest way is to become a patreon. You can donate from $1, is a monthly option, well if you can do $5 great, you will received some special rewards we give with love. We need you, we are in your hands, we never imagined what is happening now, and we hope this will end soon and that people come to visit us again, we love you all 💚
🌟 Thank you so much for listening to her, if you feel you can do it, please check the link in our bio to become a Patreon 🌟

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Loki and Peter. You can’t imagine the adventures of this duo. Peter is a very very loyal friend at the same time he knows he is bigger than Loki and he wants his food too! So at meal time we have to stay there until they finish, anyway... Loki needs to lose some weight (I didn't say that 🤫)
Animals create friendships, they are loyal, and they can be enemies too, they have interesting conversations, create games, use a lot their imagination, and they laugh and cry, just like you and me. And like us, they don’t want to be killed, they are not food. We have so much fear over this virus, now we know the fear they have when they know somebody is going to kill them. My friends, please Go Vegan

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Tips to help you fight the coronavirus by boosting your immune system:
1) Eat Your Greens
2) Take B vitamins
3) Eat fruit for Vitamin C
4) Snack on Nuts and Berries
5) Get your Vitamin D from mushrooms, tofu, o.j., etc.
6) Eat more garlic, legumes and beans

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Silence and volume up , the boss is speaking and I love when the boss speak. Gita is just amazing! She doesn't like to play around, she knows her powers, we respect her and honor her. We love you baby 🥰😍 ...

226 7

He is about 2 weeks old, he is a broiler and is bigger than the normal ones. When he was rescued I was super worried that he won't make it, but after few nights without sleep, the help of our vets, and a lot of care seems he will be strong enough to continue. His name is Obelix, and is one of the rescued birds from the market El Restrepo, animals there were abandoned without food or water after the mandatory quarantine. Animals are not something, they are someone and you don’t buy someone, you love someone, you care for someone, you are friend with someone, you don’t hurt someone, you feel respect for someone. Welcome to your freedom little boy. ⭐️ Everyone is having a difficult time right now, but we have more than a 120 rescued animals under our care and we need all your support in this horrible situation, please check the link in our bio to see all the ways you can help us ⭐️ ...

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Fostering a shelter animal during the coronavirus pandemic could benefit both you & the animal. Engaging with animals has been shown to reduce levels of the stress hormone cortisol and to lower blood pressure. Please contact your local shelter today. #shelter #foster #fosterfail ...

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New rescued babies from the market “El Restrepo” stepping in freedom for the first time 😍 the black one is a turkey in a VERY bad condition, the other are Guinea chickens who have many wounds on their face when they tried to escape from the cages.
Now they enjoy life here at the sanctuary.
Our vet was already here and they checked one by one, they already are in treatment, we need all your support. Please Check the link in the bio to see all the ways you can help 💚

288 9

Ready to melt your heart? Baby Asterix thinks that the turkey Kai in the wheelchair is his mama! And jumps on top of her and stays with her !! 💖💖💖 ...

293 13

Let me introduce you to Asterix. This little baby was trapped in a animal market, they were abandoned while humans went into mandatory quarantine. From the day he was born, humans saw in him something and not someone. But those days are over, he won his freedom, he is safe at the sanctuary and he is now SOMEONE!
We hope these days of crisis helps us to see how important life is, all life! ⭐️ WE NEED YOUR HELP we rescued more than 16 animals in the middle of the quarantine, they need all our help, we had to close our dog day care that was our source of money. Please consider to donate. Check all the options in our bio ⭐️

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Fox update: The eye infection he got from Eden digging in the dirt and accidentally kicking it into Fox's eyes is almost all gone. No hard feelings though. They play together every day. Best buddies!
#dogs #cutedogs #animalsanctuary #dog

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Finally Star allowed me to touch her. She is under medicine for some lung problems, you can hear she is breathing badly, although she is eating and acting normal. So I have to give her medicine and risk my fingers 😂 but she is very kind. Such amazing animals they are. ...

335 14

Poldark sends his love to you!
#tongueouttuesday #pigs #animalsanctuary #pig

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You HAVE TO WATCH THIS (our Patreons already KNOW, it is time for the world to know) So Juanito did his first rescued and shows to the world one more time how amazing animals are! Check all the video, and be in love with how amazing animals are and why they are friends not food. ...

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During this tough time, it's not such a bad idea to hang out on the roof of your house like one of our abandoned puppies is doing here. She's having a good time while social distancing. Sending you good health & joy from our sanctuary.
#dogs #animalsanctuary #blackdogs #cutepup

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I love how animals give lessons of life to us every time. Once they feel they are safe they relax. Natasha can’t walk and look at her, relaxed and happy. When animals are in situations of anxiety and fear they still want to be free, they have hope! Who are we to ruin those dreams of freedom and hope?
I know we all love animals, we all love those videos of happy cows, happy pigs , happy animals, but at the same time we are the ones who condemn them to death when we want them for food. Does that sound right? Don’t you feel it is time to respect all life? 💚

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Did you know a rabbit's vision covers nearly 360 degrees so she can see what's coming from behind, above, & the sides without turning her head? This leaves a small blind spot directly in front of her face.
Paquita sends her love to you for a happy weekend!
#rabbits #bunnies

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Libertad 💖 her name is like hope for all the animals in the world. Libertad is a very sweet cow, she knows she is safe and she is the boss of her place. We only have two rescued cows, our cows and bulls are surrendered to us by the owners, but they don’t give up a cow easily, because they want to abuse them until the end. Libertad and Gita, our rescued cows were rescued before they were raped. 🚨 HAY IS REALLY EXPENSIVE THESE DAYS AND REALLY LOW, the COVID-19 caused that people abused and raised the prices, we need all your help, there are many options to donate in the link in our bio, Patreon is an excelent option because you can donate from $1 at month, thank you ☺️ • ...

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He is crazy, but is a sweetheart 💖
The world situation is affecting our sanctuary. Things are way more expensive now and one of the issues is that the bag of pig food here in Colombia contain pig meat, so of course we don’t give them that. We prepare our own food for pigs that is fruit, vegetables, oats and grains but that is human food and people already got all the human food and the one left is very expensive! And we have to, there is no option. This is a big moment for us and we need you, we need your support, your help, your protection. Please consider to donate to buy what we need, if the situation is scary for everyone, you can’t imagine how scary is for us with so many animals and responsibilities. Many of our donors canceled donations, we need you. Check the link in our bio too see all the ways we can donate. Patreon is a great way because with an small donation you can help big. Thank you 💖💕

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Chin up in these hard times! Sending out love from our orphan babies.
#puppies #cutepuppies #dogs

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Yesterday I found my dear Govinda dead. I am devastated, he was the second rooster we rescued at Juliana's Animal Sanctuary . He was a little baby when we rescued him, just few days old, so by the time we didn’t know if we have a rooster or chicken, but he grow beautiful. I don’t know what happened to him, I found his body in a corner, no blood but open eyes. You can’t imagine how horrible is to go there call the animals to eat and your heart beating fast if one is not coming and you have to go to look for them and maybe find bad news. He was just 5 years old. I don’t like to said this, but He was my favorite one, my baby because I had him since he was like 5 days old and was the second rooster I rescued, He was sharing his area with Rey, he was always a gentleman with the girls. He was VERY beautiful, he loves humans and like to cuddle, he was always in the door when was food time, he loves watermelon. Today I was feeding the animals, and I cried , because I didn’t heard him, I loved his voice. He was happy always, he didn’t know pain, he lost his mother when he was a baby, but we were here for him as his family. Beautiful Govinda, thank you for all what you give to us, I know you are@in the heart of many, all our volunteers were in love with you, I miss you already.
📸 @danielturbert for @the_sentient_project

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We love the sound of bunnies eating... so crunchy!
We have a very safe area for them, very close to the sanctuary house so predators can't get near. They can play digging holes... but one day one did a deep hole and we didn’t find her for 24 hours, so we started to dig with some volunteers and she was trapped! Our volunteers worked very hard to find her and she was very happy to see everyone.

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Jara wanted to tell you about a binky. It's one of the cutest behaviors in nature. A bunny will hop when she's happy and do a twist in mid-air. This adorable action is called a binky! Happy Monday! #bunny #bunnies #rabbits #rabbit ...

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(Español después de inglés)

Due to the COVID-19 that has also touched our country, our national and international volunteer programs have been suspended and so have visits to the sanctuary. We must take care of all our human staff, because getting sick here at the sanctuary is not an option, since every day we have to continue taking care of the animals. We will begin a self quarantine that will only be broken if we have an emergency with the animals. Even our llama Vani Fiore has already decided to stay indoors. We must learn from animals who are very intelligent and very calm. Take care of yourself, take care of people around you, stay calm, stay safe 💖 things in our country are extremely expensive now, more than the double, not only because people is abusing and raising prices but because the dollar is 4 times more expensive now here, if you please can support our work with a donation please check all the option in the link in our bio. Thank you •••••••••••••••••• (Español después de inglés)

Debido al COVID-19 que también ha tocado nuestro país, nuestros programas de voluntariado nacionales e internacionales han sido suspendidos y también las visitas al santuario. Debemos cuidar a todo nuestro personal humano, aquí en el santuario enfermarse no es una opción, ya que todos los días tenemos que seguir cuidando a los animales. Comenzaremos una cuarentena que solo se romperá si tenemos una emergencia con los animales. Incluso nuestra llama Vani Fiore ya ha decidido quedarse en casa. Debemos aprender de los animales que son muy inteligentes y muy tranquilos. Cuídate, cuida a las personas que te rodean, mantén la calma, mantente a salvo 💖

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Oh Simón! Simon is the smallest member of the cows/ox group, he is not too much into people, we don’t know why! I guess he still has some bad feelings for the people who hurt him. Well, he likes to escape a lot from his area, as you can see he breaks easy those fences, and when we have to put him back he gets mad, that’s why I hide behind a tree 😂😂 while @ekalart our co founder risks his life 😂😂 oh the sanctuary life, you can’t imagine all the adventures, we love it, we love all the animals, we are here for them, for a better world where everyone can see they are someone and not something. (look at our beautiful Libertad in the back! She is a cutie!) this is how freedom looks like. ...

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"We want to show that the animals are just like us--just in a different body. They are always friendly and lovely with other people." Juliana Castaneda Turner
#animalsanctuary #animalslovers #animalrights

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Varaha wants to share food with everyone but not everyone wants to share with him. For example Gita was like : what are you doing here?
You can’t imagine how amazing is the world for animals when they are happy, healthy and free.

196 2

Here is Fiora on her way to eat her favorite snack: FLOWERS! Yum!
#llama #animalsanctuary #animals #farmedanimals #farmanimals #animalslovers #animalslover

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Petunio can't see why you haven't signed up for our newsletter yet. 😀🐶#dogs #dogslife #dogslover ...

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Kisses and hugs is what animals want to do with their freedom. We are here in this world with them, sharing without forgetting that they, the animals came first, they are the real owners, they are kind, wise, beautiful. I dream with a world without sanctuaries, a world where the whole world is the real sanctuary. Vani Fiore Just decided to hug Varaha and he is always open to received love ...

310 3

I've got a secret for you Varaha. You are not food either!
#friendsnotfood #dogs #pigs #cutedogs #cutepigs #animalsanctuary

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