Juliana and Ekala found Ahimsa around 15 years ago. She was barely one year old, but she had a necklace that had cut her throat and had reached the trachea; the wound was infected and full of worms. Catching her was very difficult and it took us more than 5 hours; but we did it, and took her to the vet, where she received the necessary care.

Ahimsa likes to investigate everything that happens around her, smell everything, and look at the birds crossing the sky. She is one of the most peaceful dogs in the sanctuary, she is pleased, loves her friends, and still has those beautiful puppy eyes.

Please consider sponsoring Ahimsa, she is a senior now and needs a lot of extra care, medicine, and more often vet visits.


Octuber 2023: Ahimsa has a tumor in her mouth, we are waiting for the results to see what kind of tumor is.