Bhima was brought to our sanctuary with his best friend Hidimbi. She was in incredible pain due to a rope tied to her neck, that destroyed it and reached the bone of the windpipe. The person who rescued her brought her to the vet, she was there for days. Then, they noticed this pitbull waiting all day long.

So they contacted Juliana to see if we were able to take both animals in. Given that, it was obvious that both dogs did not want to separate. Bhima took care of her, although she was extremely shy and is only happy with him next to her.

Everyone agrees that despite their bad reputation, pitbulls like Bhima, are one of the most gentle dogs in Earth. He always has a big smile on his face and rolls over for tummy rubs when you enter his area.

As a result of this, Bhima and her sister are available for sponsorship.