In 2017 we made a public complain about a supposed sanctuary and its founder, who was taking profit from the animals under his care while keeping them in poor condition. As the accusations became truth and solid, the founder left the place without any trace abandoning all the animals at the place.

Unfortunately, this horrendous act didn’t stop there. Under a different name, this self-proclaimed sanctuary was reopened in 2019 and as they became popular within animal activists, we were unable to step in and save the animals.

One year later, in the summer of 2020, we received reports from this “sanctuary”. We had to witness a nightmare, a nightmare for dozens of animals that were living under atrocious conditions, crammed in their own dirt, malnourished, without given proper vet care.

We were able to take in 28 animals, Ginny was one of them. Ginny was a young pig but she was too small for her age due being malnourished, her beautiful red hair was falling off and her skin was dry and peeling off. During vet check a big scar was found on her belly that she got by the time she spent tied up to a tree through her first years of life until then.

Now, our beautiful girl (three sizes bigger than when we rescued her), lives a dreamy life surrounded with love and care, enjoying yummy fruits and warm hay, finally running free.