Feeney Gopal, Male

Let me introduce you to this little boy. He lost his mother a few seconds after he was born. We call him “Gopal” for now, a name  that means “Protector of the Cows”.

He was born inside one of the most popular and biggest colleges in Bogota, the National University of Colombia. They manage a small dairy industry, buying cows for testing and insemination. They steal their calves and sell the milk.

But one young vegan student was totally in love with this little calf and his mother. So she contacted Juliana to ask her if she could receive him. She immediately agreed. Juliana always says that when an animal has a “ticket for the freedom,” she cannot deny them the opportunity.

However, calves need a lot of supplies, so your help is precious in our mission. So, by supporting us, you will contribute to a better world for Feeney Gopal.

All in all, you will make us very grateful!