Pablito is, along with the others of the rescued pigs at the sanctuary, a victim of the “mini pig” industry. He was bought from an unscrupulous breeder who inbreed and underfeed their pigs, because of this, Pablito was born without his jawbone but the excuse given to his owners from the breeder was that “Pablito was spoiled and picky to eat” however, after a couple of vet visits he was diagnosed with malnourish due a “green diet” to keep them small and it was required a surgery to fix his jaw.

Unfortunately his owners were unable to provide him with the healthcare and the consequences of this industry and so we were asked to take him in.

Pablito was able to get his jaw surgery, vitamins and the proper diet. Today he makes our days with his mischievous personality, spends his time with the ducks and time to time steal the rabbits food.