Prema, Female.

Prema is a feisty little dog with the heart of a lion. She is the smallest of our dogs, although she has firmly established herself as the boss. We found her while visiting a city called Medellin, about six hours by car from Bogota, the capital of Colombia.

A man took Prema from her original family. This man was a dog thief and everyone knew it. However, at the time I met him, I had no idea and saw that he already had 7 dogs. He asked me to adopt the little white one. I agreed and took her off his hands. Then, I posted a picture of the man and his dogs on Facebook, therefore I was surprised to learn of his illegal activities.

As a consequence, that man disappeared, I never did find the original owner of Prema. But we are so happy to report that she is healthy and very happy on our farm.

Hence, please consider sponsoring her. You will make her joyful!