Poldark was rescued as a young pig from the meat industry. As is common with meat industry, they have their teeth removed to stop them from hurting each other while stuck in confined areas. He was also kicked in the jaw by a horse before he was rescued by Juliana. These things resulted in long term damage to his mouth that we fixed with surgery. So he gets special food everyday that is soft, and easy to eat. Poldark is always very excited at meal time, but after he has finished eating.

He will lay down on his back and ask for tummy rubs, he has very soft skin and hair, so most people find it hard to stop petting him once they start! Poldark is available for sponsorship! By sponsoring him, you will help us pay for the incredible amount of food he eats, as well as regular vet ckeck-ups, to make sure he is not suffering from his previous injuries.

Please consider sponsoring Poldark!