Thank you very much for your kindness!

Your contribution directly supports our efforts to provide a safe and healthy home for our rescued animals.

We are the only hope for farmed animals in our country and the best place for all other animals to feel safe and receive first-class care.

Please consider becoming one of our patrons as this will help secure our future –>>

30 Responses

  1. Mary

    Excellent! Wonderful vegan blessed sanctuary so desperately needed as a shining light for Columbia and the whole of South America. Fantastico!xxoxx

  2. Dominic

    The World needs more people like you 😉

    Greetings from Germany

  3. Janet

    Thanks so much much for all you do…would love to visit the farm one day.

  4. Jessica

    Small donation for all the big sacrifices you make. Thank you

  5. Rupal

    I just gave a small donation. thank you for your beautiful service to these animals and giving them another chance at life. One day i will come and help you on your farm. Love you lots.

    • Paul Rodney Turner

      Thank you for this. Please visit!

  6. Mark

    Thank you for what you do, I visited Columbia for work and while beautiful and lovely people, I was hurt by the stray dogs everywhere. I saw one that was hurt and was sitting on the road and another stray standing guard. I was in a vehicle going the other way and was helpless to help. When we drove by hrs later the hurt dog was gone, no blood there thank God. I think someone helped the hurt dog but the protecting dog was still there looking at every car f ok the road or his friend. I am a large man who can handle almost everything but this nearly broke me. If I could find the person who hit this dog and left it there they would learn what I am capable of.

    I hope this two donations help with this hurt dogs as I could not help this dog. Thank you for what you if I did not have this donation to try to help another hurt dog when I couldn’t help this one I would be lost. Thank you for having this page all the best you have a friend in Canada!!!

    • Paul Rodney Turner

      Thank you very much for your care and support.

  7. Vasilisa Carter

    Thank you for protecting animals! My husband and I are very grateful for what you do. God bless!

    • Paul Rodney Turner

      Thank you for appreciating our efforts.

  8. Spencer Warren

    I was so honored last year to meet Julianna and Paul and yr lovely little boy. Prayers for the cruelly injured dog’s full recovery.

  9. Louise Jeffery

    Small donation to you for this poor dear dog and love to you all.

  10. Donna Williams

    Thank you for helping this poor dog and for the work you do for all animals in a difficult climate. Unfortunately my donation isn’t huge, but I hope it helps.
    Best wishes from England.

  11. Marilyn

    Just donated to your end of year drive. It must be heartbreaking seeing so many animals that need help and knowing you don’t always have the resources to help them. In a better world, kindness and caring would never be assigned a dollar value. Until then thank you for doing what you can to improve the lives of animals in Colombia.

  12. Kaja Thieme

    Dear Juliana,
    I have just sent some donation to keep your great work up.
    Merry Christmas

  13. Tan

    My small donation is nothing compared to what you have done for those without voices. Thank you very much.
    Happy 2019 from Canada.

  14. bigheadbaby1

    Hope that my donation can help the animals in your farm. Please give a kiss to peter for me, and post his pics on instagram often. Thanksfor doing what you are doing.

    • Juliana Castaneda

      ALays helpful, Thank you! Peter is many times in our social media <3