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Dhrita, one of our older dogs passed away.

The last week he was very ill and hospitalized for four days… until he left his body. He spent more than three years by our side after being rescued. He was blind, but extremely intelligent, playful and a good eater… a beautiful creature. As always, a memory to keep in our hearts. Thanks for everything, “Cachirulo” …


Arjuna was found in the street in the hands of an old man living on the street. Arjuna was suffering from throat cancer so he was rescued.

Chemotherapies and many treatments have failed.

arju 2Without hope of life, we decided to take him to the farm, and keep him stable and painless until he passed. Back on the farm he ran, played, ate a lot, and got angry with the other dogs.

Arjuna died in the arms of Ekala, surrounded by warmth and love… a warrior who survived more than 4 months with a cancer in his throat.

Thanks Arjuna..

Atma, A. K. A. Mogolla


Atma, A.K. A. Mogolla.

At a very old age, Atma, also known as Mogolla, left her body in a peaceful way.


On the day of her departure she decided to stop eating. She died in her sleep at the ripe age of nineteen. She was with us for four years, giving us lots of love. Thanks for everything, Mogolla. We will always miss you!


Guardian, a real fighter!

guardis (1)

guardi1This 17 year old cutie died last November 5th.  He was healthy except for a few conditions related to old age.

Then suddenly he had a stroke and after that he went downhill. Janeth, one of the founders of Paramatma, rescued Guardian 16 years ago. She protected him all his life and tended to his every little whim. At the end,  “Guardi” needed attention almost 24/7. He had pain and cramps among other issues. We brought him to our shelter farm to receive hospice care. He slept with me in my own bed. We spoiled him with lots of love and special meals. He always had his little blankets, his toys, his pillows, his blue jacket, and his medication.
Guardián dejó una tristeza en nuestros corazones, pero como dice Janneth la satisfacción de que se fue en paz y tranquilo, y que nunca le faltó nada.

guardi y bhumiHe left a hole in our hearts but as Janeth says, “We have the satisfaction that he received everything he needed and left this world at peace, happy and loved.” We held a beautiful funeral the day after his departure. We sang for him and we know he is now with God.

On his behalf and to honor his memory we must help, protect, rescue and save any animal being mistreated or abused in any way, especially the old ones that are as helpless as babies.

We must advocate and speak up for them. Thank you Guardián for all these years of happiness with you, for the unconditional love you poured over us.

The great Veterinarian Doctor Alejandra Guzmán has left us…

doc aleja
The great Veterinarian Doctor Alejandra Guzmán has left us…
I went to leave a message on her Facebook wall for her birthday and discovered that she had died and we are all in shock.

Dr. Alejandra saved the lives of many of my puppies, gave love when many animals departed, and helped several animal shelters. And helped us with her knowledge and intelligence, I honestly I had never met someone so smart and young at the same time.

Doc, you leave a huge empty place… I always said that you were my hero. What are we going to do without you?

I love you and you’re still with me.. forever.
My furry babies and I will miss you.