Vegan Cooking Workshops 

We encourage and guide parents and young people in changing to a vegan diet by teaching them easy-to- make, delicious vegan meals, as well as providing them nutritional

One of the main challenges of young people switching to a vegan diet is the discouragement of their parents, so this program targets both new vegans and
parents and it is offered free. The only requirement is that every participant must bring along with them a non-vegan member of their family, preferably their
parents. We are helping more than 200 parents a year to support the new way to live with their kids.

Meat-free Monday

in cooperation with Food for Life Bogota, to serve free vegan food once a month on Monday in Bogota along with vegan educational materials.

We like to help people in need, we are helping 300 people a month, but also distributing info and free vegan food in colleges, schools, malls and other public places.

This program is running by Juliana in the last 20 years.

Why support this program? We give to the people an experience of vegan food and to promote the benefits of a vegan diet and encourage people to stop eating animals.


Maha – Vegan Comic

With this comic about the animals in the sanctuary and our hero the dog Qultro, illustrations by our friend Juan Faundez, we want to educate children and youth through a passive medium of entertainment about the reality of animals raised for food.

We reach children and youth (5-18 years), in the school of the ones home come to the sanctuary to visit, we are reaching 8,000 people a month.

This is a pilot project thanks to the support of Unbound Project that can be emulated in other regions of the country and in other countries in South America and eventually worldwide as new editions are created in different languages.


Maha – 3D Visual Experience



There is currently nothing like this in Colombia and we believe the impact will be enormous on people’s awareness, as has been experienced in other countries
where this type of advocacy has happened.

We want to give people a powerful experience of seeing the reality of animals raised for food.

We are reaching 500 people a month with this powerful project who is changing the lives of many humans and animals.


Do you want to support any of our projects? We can’t do it without you! You are the one saving animals!


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  1. Nancy Wheeler

    Hi Juliana: I am becoming a member and I saw your plea to help raise $250.00. Have you contacted Bob Barker? he is a great activist with money who could help you with a loan or perhaps a big donation. Good luck with your campaign. Nancy Calzadilla Wheeler.

    • Paul Rodney Turner

      Hi Nancy, thank you for asking. By the grace of God, we were able to secure a grant for the remaining amount we needed to raise. We have not contacted Bob Barker personally yet, but we’d would love to get his support. We did reach out to his foundation, but no luck so far. Anyway, we have secured the property here now and are now focusing on social enterprises to make the project sustainable.

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