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Why We Need Your Help

In Colombia, over 7,124,658 pigs and cows are slaughtered every year, not to mention all the chickens, dogs, cats, and more that are harmed or killed. We need your help to protect these innocent beings. Some of the animals who come to Juliana’s Animal Sanctuary have special needs, and because of this, they are unlikely to find an owner. Their special needs are the result of a variety of circumstances, from genetic abnormalities to a cruel upbringing in the farm industry. Your contributions go towards helping our special needs animals live the remainder of their lives in a happy and safe sanctuary, and caring for our other animals until they can find a forever home.

My Options

Check out our suggestions below to see which one works best for you

  • I want to contribute financially, but I can’t care for an animal right now. We get it. Animals take a lot of work and not everyone is in a place where they can fully support one. We recommend sponsorship. A monthly donation for a specific animal as small as $10 allows you to help keep one of these creatures happy and healthy.
  • I want to contribute financially and experience the everyday joys an animal brings. Adoption sounds like it might be the right option for you. Keep in mind that “financial support” often means more than food and shelter. Just like humans, animals need doctor visits, which can sometimes mean unexpected expenses. But, if you’re prepared for this and you’re excited to experience everything from cuddles to cleanups, adoption is probably right for you.
  • I want to physically help these animals, but I can’t commit to a monthly donation right now. Totally understandable! We have several volunteer opportunities that might be right for you. If you’re located near our shelter in the Andes Mountains, or you want to come and stay, we’re always on the hunt for volunteers. Check out more information here.
  • I want to help, but I can’t financially commit and I don’t live near you. First, let me say thank you for still looking for ways to help. Every type of aid we receive, whether financial or otherwise, is crucial to the success of our sanctuary. We have virtual volunteering positions that might be perfect for you. Head to this page to see what our current opportunities are.

Contact Us

Do you still have questions? You can reach us by email through this form, or by our US phone number at +1 301 880 1107. Thank you for supporting Juliana’s Animal Sanctuary!