Four puppies were found hugging her dead mom

Puppies are sitting in the box

The last 4 days have been very intense, I’ve been a few nights without sleep. I received the news of a mother dog who was found stabbed by humans, died hugging her babies.

I can’t believe what I am Writing, make me feel bad about my human position. The mother was a very small dog, maybe looking for some food so she can be strong for her babies. Four baby girls that I’m bottle feeding them now (every 2 hours), one of them is too weak and I am her kangaroo mama now. Please remember VM when I am doing this, when I don’t sleep, when I take care fo the animals 24/7 I can’t work and we need also money to hell these animals. These babies need milk, diapers, wipes, vet care and more.

We need to buy diapers, baby food, pay the vet bills, please help us to raise these babies

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Sponsor the 4 babies who mother was killed