Happy Mother’s Day


Thanks to all human mothers who are mothers for human and nonhuman animals, and who in ayway do not disrespect this relationship in other species. I honour all mothers who have understood that to be a mother is more than having someone in your womb. I honour all mothers who feel pain to see the children of other species being taking away from their mothers. I honour all mothers who feel the pain of other non-human mothers. A special warm hug to these wonderful mothers.

And a call from my heart, without offence and with all my love, for all the human mothers, who have carried their babies in their womb — those who would die if something bad happened to their children; those who are happy seeing children grow and laugh.There are many mothers, aside from human mothers, that have been killed for your dinner that you then offer to your human children. Do you understand what I just wrote? It is crazy…crazy!!

I call out to those mothers, that share all their motherly love with ALL species and respect all other mothers and their babies. Thank you.

Here is a pic of my son Balarama. Bala lost his mother the same day he was born. We do not know if his mother is alive at this time, or is one of the slaves in a famous dairy farm in Colombia. Balarama’s mother one day escaped from that dairy farm, cross the road and came to our small farm. She then gave birth to her son (Bala). I think, she wanted to make sure that at least her son would be free. Later she was taken away by the dairy farmers and we paid the farmer to keep Balarama who is now free now thanks to the sacrifice of his mother. On this day, I remember Balarama’s noble mother and her desire to give her son freedom.