Juliana’s Animal Sanctuary news and COVID-19

Due to the COVID-19 that has also touched our country, our national and international volunteer programs have been suspended and so have visits to the sanctuary. We must take care of all our human staff, here in the sanctuary the option of getting sick is not an option since every day we have to continue taking care of the animals. We will begin a self-quarantine that will only be broken if we have an emergency with the animals. Even our llama Vani Fiore has already decided to stay indoors. We must learn from animals who are very intelligent and very calm. Take care of yourself, take care of people around you, stay calm, stay safe things in our country are extremely expensive now, more than double, not only because people are abusing and raising prices but because the dollar is 4 times more expensive now here, if you please can support our work with a donation please check all the option in the link in our bio. Thank you