New Chickens and Stray Dogs at Juliana’s Animal Sanctuary

Juliana and some of the dogs who belong to our neighbor that doesn’t provide food or shelter to them. Their names are Petunio, Zeus and Condor.

The last two months we have been working on sterilization for some street dogs and cats in the area where the sanctuary is.

One of these dogs belonged to a neighbor and was in heat, so we caught her and asked the neighbor if we could take her to the vet and do the sterilization. She agreed.

This dog lives with the neighbor, but the woman does not really care for her animals and is in a very bad situation. Remember, Colombia doesn’t have animal protection laws and there is no government agency that protects these animals, so we decided to help as much as we could.

We got the surgery done for this dog and she had to then stay in our home while she healed. We nursed her for 5 days until her wounds closed. When she was fully recovered we went back to the house of the neighbor to return the dog, but the situation was very sad. The neighbor immediately took the dog and tied her to a pole in a place that was full of chicken manure. She did not care at all for her dog. We had been taking care of her dog with love and now suddenly she was without her freedom in a horrible and dirty place. I could see the sadness in her face and I could not tolerate it.


For many days, the dog was tied to the pole. I told the neighbor in sweet words that post surgery, the dog needed to be in a clean place. That day she released the dog and the same evening the dog was at the door of our house, looking for affection, a warm place, and nice food. Since that day, the dog is always in our sanctuary, and with her 4 more of her dog friends came to us. They all belonged to the same lady. She doesn’t give regular food to these dogs and no clean shelter. Before us, they had no alternative. One of the dogs is 17 years old. He is called “Condor.” So we are now feeding them all because they are all in bad physical condition. We secretly let them sleep in the garage of the house of the sanctuary, where we made some beds for them. We cannot take them “legally” to the sanctuary because that would be considered theft and the neighbor does not want to give them to us. But she also doesn’t want to feed them, yes, that is the nature of my country.

One day, the same neighbor saw me playing with her chickens and she asked me if I liked chickens. With a big smile on my face, I told her, “I love all animals.” That same afternoon she brought in a bag, two hens and one of them carrying two baby chicks. So now we have two new hens and two chicks who will grow up free and happy like the rest of our family. We are very happy for this unplanned rescue.



The puppy sterilization was thanks to the donation of one of our sponsors. Thank you very much!

We are strong thanks to our donors!