New IndieGoGo Campaign Launched – Help me Realize my Little Girl Dreams

We have much to be grateful in 2014, topmost of which is the loving support we received from our new friends around the world that stepped up to help save our project. We were all in so much anxiety and to finally see all the animals moved to the new property was such a relief. However, believe me, I never want to have to go through such emotional turmoil again and so we want to make this new home the last home for our rescued “babies.”

I am also very thankful for our team here, Ekala our farm manager and my new husband Paul who managed the fundraising campaign and built our new branding and web site.

So although 2015 is starting on positive and solid footing, we still have much to do and so we decided to again turn to crowdfunding to help realize our new goals.


The Current situation

Right now we have 34 animals protected (domestic and farm animals) under our care and I am supporting this project with my own income. The yearly donations I receive in my country are no more than $20 to $25, and as can you imagine, that’s way short of what I need to care for these animals animals. I work hard without stop 19 hours a day to care for my rescued animals and other animals that I find on the street.

I have the ONLY animal sanctuary in Colombia. There are many dog and cat shelters in Colombia with more than 400 animals, but like all shelters they have a policy to euthanise animals once the population exceeds their capacity. A sanctuary is a place where animals can live our their entire lives safe and healthy.

However, unlike America, if you want to be a charitable organization you have to maintain it yourself. There is no government support available. So in this country if you want to help others, it has to be with your own money and that is exactly what I have been doing up until recently…

Overseas Angels

Three months ago we ran our first IndieGoGo campaign and received help from many people around the word. The funds we raised enabled us to move to a new farm where the animals are again safe and happy. The story of why we had to move is all explained in our first campaign. We are currently renting this new place but the plan is to buy it as soon as we can. All the animals under my protection are in perfect condition and are very happy, but I need your help to keep this dream alive.

The Big Dream of the Little Girl

There are many animals in the world that need help, but in a poor country like Colombia and with all the other political issues here, animals are just not that important. So I want to be that little ray of hope for the animals, anytime I can.

By unconditionally serving the needs of innocent and voiceless animals I am trying to teach humans that ALL living beings deserve respect. Through the humble and sincere efforts of even a few of us I believe we can bring about a better world — a world where soul equality is the guiding principle of life.

With this new campaign I hope to fully realize these dreams. I pray that people in other countries join me. We are a poor country, so what for you an insignificant amount of money, is enormous for us. Every coin you donate can help to save and dramatically change another living beings life.

Please help me!

I give you my word that with my sincere heart, that is full of love for all living beings, I will work very hard, each second for the sake of innocent animals. Head over to our new IndieGoGo campaign now

You’ll be happy to know that we have the backing of many established and credible organizations like:

A Well Fed World

Food for Life Global

Yogi’s Ark

Vegans are Cool

Animal Rescue Crusade

Other Ways You Can Help

If you are unable to donate at this time, here are some other practical things you can do to make a difference:

  • Get the word out and make some noise about our campaign, specifically using the Indiegogo share tools. The short code for our campaign is:
  • Offer your professional expertise. We are always in need of marketers and social media experts, as well as public relations and corporate sponsor experts.
  • Why not gift something that will last forever — gratitude. You can do that by gifting someone a donation to support rescued animals.

To read my husband Paul’s recent article on gifting gratitude.

Thank you for your time. We hope you can be part of our growing family of animal lovers and supporters. Go now to donate and claim one of our amazing perks.

With love,
Juliana Castaneda Turner