Poetry to save the animals

The approach of veganism towards literature welcomes more people every day, in the case of poetry, it is now possible to find an online site where several works related to this genre can be found.

This is Literary Veganism (Literary Veganism: An Online Journal (litvegan.net)), which is a web page where works written by vegan authors are shared. The idea is that what is exposed can convey to readers the true essence of vegan philosophy through words.

This is the main objective in their own words: “To publish high-quality prose, fiction, and poetry on this site that is in line with our basic principles and mission.”

The way in which they operate is through the sharing of works by writers who voluntarily donate their art so that everyone who enters this website can read it. It is necessary to go through a filter, since it is important that those who share texts on this platform are very clear about their ideals regarding animal liberation.


An example of a beautiful poem that you can find here

It is not necessary that all contributors be vegan, however the content is carefully selected by the administrators, who carefully review the works that are published.

And, although the main genre is poetry, it is also possible to find short fiction stories. The topics covered here are various, such as speciesism, animal abuse, abuse of the environment, the indiscriminate use of other species for entertainment among many others, all focused on expressing what veganism really means.

It is also possible to find some biographies of several of the authors, which helps a lot to learn about the processes and experiences of these people, as well as the way in which they implement veganism in their lives.

Please take a look at this wonderful site, actually reading the texts and biographies help to expand and improve the perspective we have towards other species.