The Story of Sal


I don’t know what to say. I feel like I can’t leave the house. I’m always afraid I’m going to find animals that desperately need help.

Driving to the town from the sanctuary we saw this dog looking weird, and walking weird like totally lost. We stopped the car to check and he was extremely weak, with deformed looking front legs. We just took him to the vet and yes, his front legs are deformed, he is blind, deaf, and has a venereal disease.

After a good bath and tons of love


I’m not looking for this, actually. I have to cease new rescues and stop until at least the campaign I’m running succeeds. But I can’t ignore someone in need. My eyes are open, my heart is open, and I can’t pretend they are not there.

We are waiting for the results of the second test. Meanwhile, he is at the sanctuary, happy and warm receiving the medicine for his kidneys and all the love he needs and deserves.

Please, I need your help.


He urgently needs 3 sponsors. When we rescue an animal this is not something for just one day. We have to be here for them forever, we need your support.



Sponsorship Sal

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