Abandoned Husky


We went back to the old farm to get a few things and you won’t believe what we found. This beautiful husky tied to our old front door, looking so dejected! She was very sick so we rushed her to the vet and it turned out she had a bad parasite. We put her on an IV and treated her, poor thing had to wear a diaper too! She’s going to have to stay under observation for two more days.


Donate for our rescued abandoned husky

As is the tradition with our newcomers, we invite our followers to donate if they can to help with the vet cost of $95, and whoever is so generous to her gets to choose her name. In this way, it is everyone’s sanctuary, and every animal is named by someone who cares about them. Thank you guys for always coming through for us, you have never let these babies down! You can follow this link to donate, and be sure to leave the name you wish to name her!


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6 Responses

  1. Doreen Harkins

    I would like to pay the $95 vet costs for this abandoned husky and name her. Has anyone done this yet?

    • Juliana Castaneda

      Hello, I just saw this comment, We are trying to get money to pay her ticket to the US and then she will find her forever home

  2. Megan Harding

    I am extremely interested in this cutie. Could I possibly be emailed some more details?

  3. Lacy Henson

    I would love to adopt this beautiful girl. Has she been adopted yet?

    • Juliana Castaneda

      Hello Lacy, She is still waiting for her forever home

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