Newly rescued burned puppy is now happy and safe

He is a little black and white male we found wandering the streets with horribly painful burns — likely the result of someone throwing scalding hot water on him. We rushed him to the vet and got him on pain-relief medication immediately. He would cry out at the slightest touch. We also got 3 different treatment medicines for his burns and a soothing shampoo. It’s going to be a slow recovery but he is making great progress.

We received a donation to cover the cost of this little boy, so his benefactor, Joanne Campagna gave him the name “Gabriel” like the angel. He is recovering well, his hair is growing back already, he has a good appetite, and he loves to play! Now we are looking for a sponsor who can cover his needs until he finds his forever home. Gabriel’s medical needs right now are $50 a month and we provide lots of updates for our animal sponsors.


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  1. Linda A

    I still can’t believe how some people can be so cruel to any sentient creature its beyond my reasoning I just hope they ret their comeuppance’

    What a lovely dog, dogs amaze me how after being abused by humans they still put their trust in them I hope she finds a loving permanent home asap

  2. Vriginia Abreu de Paula

    I have already seen three dogs with the same problem. The first one I could not find him anymore, but I do hope sombody rescued him. The other too received help. It was our own dog, Vesúvio. The last one was found by a friend of mine and I helped to rescued him. I just don’t understand why do people do such things. Anyway, I am happy to see Gabriel doing so well;. Congratulation. It would great if you could find the person who did it.

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