Abandoned puppies need help and a home

This morning my little sister went out to feed the chickens and came across a sack. Inside it we found four abandoned puppies, likely from a neighbor of ours. They were weak and covered in fleas, probably only 5 weeks old. We rushed them to the vet and were happy to find they didn’t have parvo or anything debilitating, just weak from hunger and dehydration. We started them on typical puppy shots and flea and heartworm prevention. It’s just a shame that some people could tear babies from their mother and toss them in a bag like garbage. Now they will live a good life at the sanctuary, where no one can harm them again.

We are going to need all your help to help them to grow healthy and happy until we can find then a forever home.

There are more than 1,300,000 abandoned dogs in just the capital city of my country Colombia… we have a lot of work to do here.

Watch their story here:

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    • Paul Rodney Turner

      Yes, we would like to find them a forever home. We will be in touch.

    • Juliana Castaneda

      Hello James, Yes they are looking for their forever home. We will send to you a message soon.

  1. Nachelle Whitmoyer

    I would love to have these puppies. They deserve so much better. I am interested in 2. My mother just moved back to PA from OH and would love to have 1 as a companion. And I would love 1. I currently have 2 12 year old labs, who are extremely mellow and very good around young dogs and children. I have grandchildren. Looking forward to hearing from you and possibly spoiling them!!
    Thank You.

  2. Ro

    I would love to rescue and adopt one of these precious babies. Please let me know the process.
    Thank you!

  3. Parker

    Where are these dogs located? When will they be ready for adoption? Do you have an idea of the predominant breed(they look like possibly lab mix)? I have an interest in training service dogs and the little one that popped out of the bag shows some drive that I would be interested in.

        • Juliana Castaneda

          oh! they will be in the states by December, we are just waiting that they get their vaccinnes and all what they need to be ready for their forever home!

  4. elaine l passera-wallace

    found puppies, are they up for adoption and when? I would be interest in a female. what is the breed and where are you located.
    thank you elaine

    • Juliana Castaneda

      hello Elaine. We have to wait couple months but I will send a email to you 😉

  5. Lynette

    I’m not sure how the puppies could come to the USA, but I work for an airline and may be able to help. I could fly to you to pick up and take to where they need to go, I think. As long as they’re small enough, still, to fit in a travel create which fits under the seat in a cabin. I’ll also look into if they are larger at time of adoption. As an employee, I may be able to have them on a leash. Contact me if you may be interested.

  6. Janet Ferri

    Thank you, Juliana, for your kindness. All the creatures of the world deserve to be happy and free I would like to make a donation for the care of the puppies and other animals to contribute to their wellness.

  7. Natalie Levis

    Aww! I just read this story on snapchat and I’m so glad that you guys found these puppies! I decided to check out your website because I LOVE animals! They are so sweet and adorable! When I get my own house I’ll be sure to check out this website to see if any animals are up for adoption! Thank you that’s all!

    -The Anonymous Animal-Lover❤️

    • Juliana Castaneda

      Dear Sarah, this babies already found their forever home, but we have much more waiting… I will send email to you with more info <3

  8. Sam

    Hi! Are there still up for adoption by any chance? My family would love to raise one of the pups at our home!

    • Juliana Castaneda

      Dear Samn, this babies already found their forever home, but we have much more waiting… I will send email to you with more info <3

    • Juliana Castaneda

      Dear Giorgina, this babies already found their forever home, but we have much more waiting… I will send email to you with more info <3

  9. Kevin Kelley

    I’m pretty sure they have all been taken but any chance one is available I would like to look into adopting one of these beauties.

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